5 Ultimate Benefits Blue Green Algae Provides To Your Health

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Since the 16th century, people have been using Blue-Green algae, or Spirulina, as a food source. The US National Library of Medicine reported that this organic green superfood powder was part of the Aztec diet in the 16th century, and they also used it as medicine. In fact, many people appreciated it as a perfect whole food back. From bone broth to cakes, Spirulina flakes were a staple for different meals.

At present, this algae supplement is popular as a sustainable food source. High in B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron, and other minerals and vitamins, and anti-oxidants, Spirulina has a highly rich nutritional profile. Moreover, the United Nations (UN) named this green superfood powder as a primary ingredient to fight malnutrition.
Along with containing all essential amino acids and high protein, it’s a complete protein source. Let’s explore what holistic benefits this superfood powder can provide.

The green powerfood

Combats malnutrition
A research on malnourished children in Central Africa determined the effects of spirulina supplement. The participants received adequate doses of Blue Green algae to identify whether this superfood would help in reducing the symptoms of malnutrition, such as edema, vitamin deficiency, and overall nutritional health. The results showed a 15% decrease in anemia, 60% decrease in edema, and significantly boosted hemoglobin levels.
The research also discovered the children consuming spirulina showed significant improvement in overall nutritional status in just 30 days. The results conclude that Blue Green algae is highly beneficial and can remarkably help overcome malnutrition and its associated symptoms.

May lower blood pressure
The wild blue-green algae, spirulina, have great potential for people dealing with cardiovascular disease. spirulina not only helps in improving lipid profiles but also for controlling hypertension and increasing blood vessel elasticity. Furthermore, spirulina comprises of a pigment known as phycocyanin, which induces antihypertensive effects that help regulate blood pressure.
Conversely, Japanese medical professionals claim that spirulina reverses endothelial dysfunction and can improve the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

May improve condition of allergic rhinitis
The symptoms of allergic rhinitis include irritated and inflamed mucous membranes, itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat, all coupled with a seasonal fever. A recent study on spirulina showed that the Blue Green algae can reinforce immune function and reduce allergy symptoms at the same time. Common environmental allergens, such as pollen, wheatgrass, or animal hair are some of the causes of allergic rhinitis.

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Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein (by dry weight) found in any food.

More benefits

Powerful antioxidant
Not to mention, oxidative damage not only harms cells but also your DNA, which increases the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and chronic. Moreover, this damage can also promote chronic inflammation, which leads to cancer and other serious conditions. Blue Green algae is a complete source of antioxidants that can help protect your body against oxidative damage. The main component ‘phycocyanin’ in spirulina serves as the main antioxidant substance. Phycocyanin can ward off free radicals and suppress the production of inflammatory molecules.

May reduce cholesterol

Although you probably see it as a green juice powder, spirulina is a key ingredient for numerous energy drink bars and natural supplements. According to several scientific researches, spirulina lowers your bad cholesterol levels, including triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.
In fact, this superfood can help increase your good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). A recent study revealed that taking 1 gram of Blue Green algae per day for 3 months can reduce your triglycerides by 16% and LDL by 10% while raising your HDL by 3.5%.

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The takeaway

Largely harvested from small ponds and lakes, around millions of people consume blue spirulina all over the world. Be it health enthusiasts or athletes, many people are coveting this superfood because of its strong health boosting profile. Considering all the medical evidence available, it’s reasonable to say that spirulina can provide many great benefits to your health. Not to mention, Klamath blue-green algae can help to revitalize or restore your health, when consumed on a daily basis.