5 Ways To Improve Your Gut Health For Life

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For our microbiome to remain a happy camper, popping a daily probiotic may not be the only solution. Though it’s still a great start, medicinal research has found that it’s also going to take some life-changing shifts and of course, choosing the right products. More and more people are complaining of bloating, allergies, obesity and even depression and guess what? The links between these chronic illnesses and an unhappy microbiome (gut bacteria) are becoming stronger every day.

So what can you do to increase your gut health?

Eat whole, unprocessed, unrefined food

For starters, living a healthier lifestyle starts in the kitchen. Everything you eat, especially when it comes to your gut, can be attributed to what you’re putting in your body. Cutting out unnecessary sugars and refined carbs are your main target. Instead, start eating more fiber, in order to boost your gut’s powers and ensure you’re feeding it with the right nutrients. About 75 percent of your vegetables should come from plants, so vegans, you’re doing a great job taking care of your gut!

Get enough sleep

Though you’re hearing this all the time, you’ll keep hearing it. We can’t stress enough how important sleep is for the good of your body and soul. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night. What we mean by “undisturbed” is not staying up late to check instagram feeds. If you have serious trouble sleeping, you’ll want to seek expert advice so you can take the right supplements to target the exact issue.

Drink plenty of water

We know this could be a hard habit to implement in your life, but drinking plenty of water can do wonders for your gut. Staying hydrated throughout the day has been proven beneficial for the mucosal lining of the intestines, and may help balance your gut’s good bacteria. If you want to take it to the next level, adding the famous antioxidant, lemon to your water may help reduce gut inflammation and boost your immune system.

Probiotics for men are just as effective as probiotics for women will be and vice versa.

Probiotics, whether they're gummies or powders, they both work for everyone equally.

Try fermented food

Some people stick to the simple fruits and veggies and some are into the special power foods, like Kombucha and Tempeh. Sound familiar? Foods like these are also known as fermented foods. Many of these hard-to-pronounce nutrients are rich in lactobacilli, a type of bacteria that may be beneficial for your gut health.
People who eat a lot of yogurt, for example, appear to have more lactobacilli in their intestines, while others who do not, have Enterobacteriaceae a bacteria associated with gut inflammation. Other fermented foods include Kimchi, Kefir, and Sauerkraut.

Take the right supplement

Now a days, there are many options we can choose from when it comes to supplements. But who is to be trusted? When it comes to gut health supplements, it’s important to ensure that your gut health formula includes live probiotics, preferably 10 billion CFU, to help support gut health. These numbers ensure maximal potential for your gut to receive the right amount of “good” bacteria and that you’re getting high-quality blends.

Support gut healing

Codeage’s Gut Health Formula is an all-in-one, premium digestive supplement to support healthy digestion and support a healthy gut using a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, L-Glutamine and Licorice Root.*

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The takeaway

Speaking of, you can browse our Gut Support Collection, to take a look at the most useful and effective products that may help target certain concerns. The bottom line is that we should all be taking care of our gut and know the right ways to do it. It deserves it!