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5 Ways To Start Your Day For Optimal Energy & Focus

Category: Health  

Right now the world is going through an energy crisis, but not the high-price-low-supply-of-fuel kind you’re probably thinking of. It's the focus-and-get-everything-done-in-a-day and still-have-energy-to-enjoy-life kind of energy crisis, the kind that just may be self-inflicted.

For example, you may not be starting your day in the most energy optimal fashion. If you are like me, coffee is a big part of the morning routine, but the eye-opening effects often do not last long enough to boost a whole day’s worth of energy and focus. A few simple and healthy tweaks before you head out the door will boost your energy and focus, enabling you to power through the day feeling well-rested and with a positive attitude.

A few tips to stay energized

1. Make Your Bed
This might sound like a chore you were told to do as a kid and never understood why. “It's just going to get messy again anyway!” That might be true, but there is a good amount of evidence that this one step can set you up for a super-productive day. Focusing on this task dispels the grogginess from your brain, and you feel accomplished just by doing this one simple thing. The habit of making the bed in the morning is practiced by many highly successful people, and by doing this task you join their ranks.

2. 10 Minutes of Yoga
After six to eight hours of sleep, during which time you are either tossing and turning or laying perfectly still, your muscles need blood flow and flexing to fully waken and relieve tension. It is important that one of the first things you do in the morning is stretch. Yoga allows you to stretch, relax, and focus your mind with meditation while you decompress before your day starts. If you don't have much time in the morning 10 minutes of yoga is all you need to alert your mind and body and compose your thoughts for the day. Yoga is an easy, gentle way to transition your brain from sleep mode to focused brain mode, your body will feel amazing, and any residual achiness and tension will disappear throughout the day.

3. Eat Healthy
While the old saying of breakfast being the most important meal of the day has merit, what you eat for breakfast is even more important. Eating a nutritionally balanced breakfast in the morning can change how you feel throughout the day (or at least until lunch!). The first meal of the day is a perfect opportunity to give yourself what you need to thrive, and that is healthy food and supplements to feed both body and mind. For optimal functioning, breakfast should be protein-based with some fruit to keep energy levels up and prevent a sugar crash; for example, a fried egg with avocado, or Greek yogurt with some antioxidant-packed fruit such as berries. Along with breakfast I take a brain health supplement, which leads to the next thing on my list..

An adequate amount of sleep, a balanced diet and exercise are important factors to boost focus and drive.

Mentally, we feel more energized and ready to tackle the world after a good workout because endorphins have boosted our physical energy level.

Rhodiola Rosea

4. Energy Supplements

Brain boosting supplements are very popular right now and for good reason: they work! Instead of ingesting copious amounts of caffeine and sugar, which can cause all sorts of negative side effects, try one of these way more healthy options to stay alert and focused. Right now for a boost in energy, focus, and overall brain health I take focus supplements with reishi mushrooms or reishi mushroom extract in it. Reishi mushrooms are known to have amazing benefits for brain clarity and help fight fatigue. Many studies have shown that reishi mushrooms improve brain health, help support the immune system, and may even have cancer-fighting properties. Reishi mushrooms have powerful antioxidants that have amazing brain boosting benefits. Try looking for reishi in the ingredient lists of supplements for energy and focus.

5. Take a cold shower

Nothing wakes you up faster than the smack of cold water hitting your face! Ok, maybe that doesn't sound so wonderful first thing in the morning, but the benefits definitely outweigh the discomfort, even if it’s a five-minute shower with no hair washing (time saver!). Taking a refreshing cold, or cool, shower in the morning awakens your senses, not to mention the loads of evidence highlighting the health benefits: You become more alert, it helps with hair health, tightens pores, and boosts immunity. An icy energy-boosting shower might be all you need to get your brain focused and ready for whatever the day may bring.

The power of nature for your mental health

Codeage Smart Mushrooms capsules are a blend of mushrooms and herbs specifically designed to support brain health, the central nervous system function and mental performance. Codeage Smart Mushrooms uses the best traditional functional mushrooms and herbs available to enhance the mind as well as overall health.

The nervous system controls everything in our bodies to keep us healthy and strong. Codeage Smart Mushrooms is a product specifically designed to help you in that process. Providing our brain and nervous system with the smartest nutrients available is an effective way to keep sharp and moving in today’s fast paced world. For thousands of years, cultures around the world have used specific mushrooms and herbs for their unique health and nutritional properties.

To create a smart mushroom and herbs blend, we started sourcing optimally dried organic functional mycelium. We selected Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms for their powerful support of neurological and adrenal functions. Next, we added Ginkgo and Bacopa for their ability to keep the brain healthy day in and day out. We included Cordyceps in the product for its support on the immune system and its ability to increase energy and performance. They can also help support the liver function which is critical to most functions of the body. We have also added Gotu Kola (Pennywort or Centella asiatica) for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, we selected Ashwagandha for its ability to combat stress and depression as well as enhance hormonal balance.

The takeaway

If you are looking for ways to optimize your day, these tips can help you garner what you need for the energy and focus that you want. Try implementing one to start, and you can reap the energy-boosting benefits just from a small incremental change.