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We sometimes focus so much on our body and physical health that we tend to forget how important it is to maintain a healthy and strong brain health. The brain, much like our body, needs specific maintenance and training in order to stay in shape. We live longer but if our brain can’t keep up with our body fitness, we won’t necessarily live better in the long run. The brain is the core processor of our lives. Maintaining strong cognitive skills such as memory, concentration or attention is key for us to enjoy life to a maximum.

Your mental health is impacted by what you eat

There are many different ways we can take to try having a healthier brain. Science knows that what we eat and drink as a strong impact on our brain. We need to make sure we follow a proper diet and regimen and use the right supplements and vitamins for our mind. We need to be pretty careful. We have all experienced feeling tired after a big lunch and so we have seen first hand how food impacts our brain. On the other hand, science has shown how certain ingredients intake could help with memory or other cognitive abilities.

Brain training as a way to assess your cognition

Brain training also can help maintaining a strong cognition. Some online brain training exercises exist where you can assess and train different abilities. CogniFit for example, uses specific algorithms to assess your current cognition and see what exercises you could do to improve specific domains. All of these exercises are based on the concept of the plasticity of the brain. The idea is that our brains are adaptable and flexible. We can “reshape” them based on the activities we perform.

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can also help

Another way to try to maintain a healthy brain is by doing activities such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Several studies have shown how meditation for example can have positive benefits on our brain.

Physician activities and exercises can also help with brain and mental health. Exercising releases specific chemicals which are beneficial for our mental health.

All these activities should not be performed in silos. Getting used to combine several of these activities can lead to better results that if taken and done separately. As always, it’s all a question of balance and finding what is the optimal mix for you.

Maintaining a healthy brain should be a priority. Nutrition can help greatly. Just make sure to complement it with some additional activities to help you stay sharp.

More serious conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are also on the rise. We need to be fully aware of their consequences and see what could potentially be done to prevent them to a maximum.

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