Achieve the Best Work-Life Balance with These Tips

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Balancing the demands of a busy career and a fulfilling personal life can be challenging.

With constant looming deadlines, a competitive work environment, the needs of family and lofty personal goals, it can feel impossible to achieve the ideal work-life balance and feel fulfilled in all areas of life.

Striking the perfect balance requires consideration of your priorities, identifying your goals and determining the aspects of your life you are willing to change. Your perfect work-life balance may be different over time and depend on your circumstances. To find the ideal balance for you, take some inspiration from the following six tips and be on your way to living your best life in no time.


1. Determine Your Goals

The perfect work-life balance is different for everyone. Identifying your goals is essential for creating the balance between work and personal life that works best for you. When you define what it is that you want and what is most important in your life, it is easier to eliminate or scale-back on the things that are not essential or don’t align with your priorities.

2. Put Yourself First

Putting yourself first is essential when it comes to achieving the optimal work-life balance. If you are always prioritizing tasks for others, such as your colleagues or family members, it can become impossible to achieve your own goals at work and in life. When you put yourself first and prioritize activities that make you feel good, you will feel refreshed and have renewed focus on the tasks you need to complete.

3. Learn to Say No

It is okay, and beneficial even, to say “no” sometimes. With today’s hectic lifestyle, endless to-do lists and demands, it can seem challenging to complete every task. Learn to take a step back, breathe and turn down any tasks or opportunities that do not align with your priorities and goals. This will allow you to focus more of your time and energy on the things that do matter.

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4. Outsource

There may be times when you are not able to turn down a task or a project because it will negatively affect your goals, priorities or performance. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you may want to outsource these tasks. Identify professional help that you can call in to take over tasks in your personal life, and look to your colleagues to handle tasks at work that you cannot take on. It is okay to ask for help, and doing so will allow you the flexibility to have a better work-life balance.

5. Take Advantage of your Employer’s Policies

Employers are becoming more flexible as they realize the importance work-life balance plays on an employee’s productivity. Many employers now offer flexible work options such as working remotely, great paid time off policies and flexible schedules and work hours. Take advantage of these options and use them to fit in appointments and personal tasks that need to be completed. If you are unsure if your employer offers these options, be sure to ask--they may even be willing to work with your schedule if you are a good employee.

6. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is often touted as a great way to get more done in less time. However, studies have shown that it can lead to less productivity and not being able to completely focus on the tasks at hand. While it may seem tempting to tackle multiple projects at once, you are better off choosing one project and focusing solely on it until it is complete, then moving on to the next task. This will allow you to focus and get more done in your day, leading to an enhanced work-life balance.

Work–life balance is the lack of opposition between work and other life roles. It is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal, family & professional life are equal.

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The ideal work-life balance

Striking the perfect balance between work and your personal life can be daunting and overwhelming, but following this six-step formula is the perfect way to start taking the steps necessary to create the life of your dreams.