ADK Vitamins & Their Many Health Benefits

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ADK vitamins are a powerhouse combination of the essential vitamins D, K2, and A that when combined together offer us numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits include immune system improvements, increased bone growth and health, improved eyesight, and better regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

This all is just the tip of the iceberg though! To give you a better understanding of what an ADK vitamin can do for you, we’ve broken down some of the standout benefits that each of its constituent parts has to offer.

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Vitamin A

Protects Your Eyes From Age-Related Decline
One standout benefit of vitamin A is its ability to slow the rate of reduction in eyesight brought on as a part of normal aging. A study titled the Age-Related Eye Disease Study discovered that providing people over the age of 50 who have suffered some reduction in eyesight with an antioxidant supplement that included vitamin A reduced their chances, by 25%, of developing advanced macular degeneration!

It’s Great For Your Skin
Vitamin A offers numerous benefits to the health of our skin. Ensuring you are getting adequate amounts of vitamin A, whether from supplementation or from whole foods aids in your bodies ability to fight off damaging free radicals that break down the collagen in your skin. The damage caused by free radicals can speed up the aging process of your skin, resulting in sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines that can eventually develop into wrinkles!

Improves Your Immune System
Vitamin A plays a crucial role in your body’s ability to fend off disease. Making sure you are getting Vitamin A in the right amounts will ensure your body is producing healthy white blood cells which work to entrap and clean out bacteria from your blood. Being deficient in vitamin A may make you more prone to developing infections and can inhibit your bodies natural ability to recover from sickness so ensuring you get adequate amounts is vital to staying healthy!

ADK is a combination of Vitamins A‚ D3‚ and K2 that supports the health of bones and heart.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 May Help Prevent Many Diseases
Ensuring you are getting the recommended daily value of vitamin D offers you the benefit of a healthy functioning immune system! It aids in fighting off many diseases including flu, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis according to numerous studies. Multivitamins for men and women are available which provide vitamin d in ample amounts, and there are many vitamin D foods to eat, but to realize the most benefits, taking an ADK vitamin or a stand-alone vitamin D supplement is a better option, specifically one that contains vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 Has Anti-Depressant Abilities
Recent studies have found that vitamin D has a profound effect on our mind’s ability to fight of depressing thoughts and regulate our mood. In one such study, researchers observed that participants who suffered from depression experienced notable improvements to their symptoms when taking a vitamin D supplement! In another study, it was found that in those who suffer from depression or anxiety, a deficiency in vitamin D was common.

Vitamin D3 May Aid Weight Loss
If you’re looking to drop some weight, taking a vitamin capsule containing vitamin D, such as an ADK vitamin may be just what you need! During one recent study, vitamin D and calcium were given to participants on a daily basis and it was observed that those who took the supplement ended up losing more weight than those that were given a placebo! Researchers went on to claim that this was due to vitamin D’s ability to aid in suppressing your appetite.

Vitamin K

Bone Health
It is believed that a deficiency in vitamin K, specifically in the forms of Vitamin K1 and vitamin K2, is linked with an increased risk of bone fractures occurring. Vitamin K plays a key role in turning on the proteins that your bones require in order to grow and develop effectively. As a result, taking an ADK vitamin regularly may be an effective means of improving your bone health!

Heart Health
The vitamin K found in an ADK supplement plays a strong preventative role in your risk of developing heart disease. Aside from the proteins activated that help aid in improving bone health, vitamin K also activates additional proteins that aid in preventing the buildup of calcium in your arteries! This buildup of calcium, if left unchecked, is a main factor in plaque development which often results in heart disease so taking a vitamin K supplement such as an ADK vitamin is a great way to ensure your heart stays healthy.

Improves Brain Function
Another study that looked at vitamin K discovered that proteins dependent on vitamin K to function were especially important in maintaining or improving brain function. By taking a multivitamin for women or men which contains vitamin K, such as an ADK vitamin, your brain may be better protected from free radical damage and the oxidative stress that occurs as a result. Oxidative stress is believed to be a factor in developing many terrible conditions including heart failure, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

ADK helps your body absorb the calcium that you're consuming through a healthy, balanced diet.*

A revolution in essential vitamins

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Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is considered the most important supplement under the sun—and for a good reason. Vitamin D supports everything from bones, heart health to mood. But, how often has someone recommended combining your high-dose of vitamin D with vitamin K and vitamin A? Together, these three powerful vitamins join forces to support your bones, heart, and immune system. Here’s how it works. Vitamin D plays a critical role in calcium absorption into the bloodstream. Vitamin K is required to transport calcium from the bloodstream into the bone, supporting bone density and cardiovascular health. Additionally, vitamin A works with vitamin D to support your immune system. ADK is a convenient source of streamlined, long-lasting support that strengthens your bones, heart, and immune system.

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The takeaway

ADK vitamins offer a whole host of amazing health benefits that make adding it to your vitamin supplementation a no-brainer! If you take an ADK vitamin every day you’ll likely notice real improvements to your body’s ability to fight off disease and sickness, improvements in mood, increased satiety, increased rate of fat loss, and improved vision.
This is just a brief summary of what an ADK vitamin has to offer you. There are many more amazing benefits available from this supplement and may be a great addition to anyone’s diet!