Are Peptides What Can Be Missing from Your Health Regimen?

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The health and beauty industry is getting excited over some very tiny organic compounds found naturally in the body: peptides. They are very small forms of proteins, and research is showing they might have a positive impact on slowing and reducing the aging process.*

To understand peptides and how they may play a significant role in your overall health, both internally and externally, it is important to understand the makeup of protein. Protein is a vital component of our diet and our physical makeup making it important to take in an adequate amount of protein.* Protein is made up of amino acids and when amino acids form a chain, between 2-50, they are termed; peptides.

How are Peptides Used?

When protein is ingested, the body can break it down into useable forms to build muscle and complete other body processes; however, this can be a taxing process for the body. When protein is needed quickly, like after a workout or during starvation, peptides can be quite beneficial. They might be more easily broken down and absorbed by the body.*

This quick absorption characteristic can be important on several levels. This might allow peptides to enter the bloodstream at a faster rate, and therefore be used more efficiently and effectively. By penetrating the skin and intestines, they may go to work faster than waiting for the digestion and absorption process to take place after ingesting protein.*

When taken in supplement form, peptides are typically sourced from eggs, soy, wheat, flaxseed, milk, meat, beans, or oats.

What is Peptide Therapy?

Now that we understand what peptides are and that they might be taken in through supplement form, we can answer the question; What is peptide therapy? Peptides may be beneficial, but are they necessary outside of food sources?

Peptide therapy is the process whereby cellular growth and repair might be encouraged and stimulated as a means of treating specific concerns or conditions.* Because of the small size of peptides and their amino acid makeup, they may attach to receptors on the surface of cells, which might enable them to give specific instructions to the cell for detailed actions.*

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Most Common Peptides & Their Use

While many peptides exist, there are two primary peptides used in health today; collagen peptides and creatine peptides. Collagen peptides may focus on skin health and aging while creatine peptides may be used for building strength and muscle.*

These benefits may sound as if they’re primarily focused on appearance, but they might have other effects as well. For those that have undergone significant surgery or damage to their skin collagen, peptides might help strengthen the skin and reduce signs of damage. Muscle loss and joint pain may impact the elderly in a life-altering way. Creatine and collagen peptides might help reduce and reverse the pain and weakness associated with this natural aging progression.*

Peptides are also known to act as antioxidants in the body which then might help to prevent and reduce free radical damage from toxins.* This means they may work to help reduce inflammation and in some cases help manage blood pressure.*

A peptide is a compound made up of two or more amino acids linked in a chain.*

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Wound Healing
A major benefit of collagen peptide supplements may be wound healing. This is especially helpful for the elderly or those with compromised immune systems.

Slow Aging Process
Collagen exists in the skin, hair, and nails. When this peptide is low in the body, these areas can be significantly affected making them brittle and weak. By supplementing with a collagen peptide supplement, you might help reduce the aging process of skin by preventing wrinkles, lines, and aging spots.*

Strong Muscles
Creatine peptide supplements may provide the body with a quick and efficient source of collagen which might be beneficial near or after physical activity.* The muscles are working on rebuilding, and giving them an immediate source of protein might help them get stronger more quickly.*

Final Thoughts

Whether your goal is health maintenance, preventing signs of aging, or more serious health concerns, peptides may be the next supplement you need to add to your health regimen.* Talk with your healthcare provider about whether peptides are right for you and your goals. As with all supplements, it is important to choose a high-quality and reputable supplier. Look for companies, such as Codeage, that are honest with their ingredients and provide you with a pure and safely sourced form of peptides.