Awesome Collagen Bone Broth Recipes That Can Help Make You Beautiful

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Mama always said beauty comes from within and she couldn’t be more right. Bone broth has been become a recent craze by beauty and health bloggers all around the world for its ability to not only help improve skin, hair and nails but to help repair your gut and reduce inflammation in joints.*

This paleo friendly, nutrient rich liquid has been a major part of the human diet for thousands and thousands of years up until recently, when store bought meats and produce became readily available, reducing on dependency on caveman staples like bone broth. There has been some skepticism as to whether or not bone broth can actually help your skin. Though there may be a lack of scientific evidence to support this claim, it does have a scientific basis that supports this claim. Studies have shown that increased collagen proteins from Bovine (Beef) sources can help improve skin laxity and repair collagen fibers.* Other studies have shown that an increase of collagen peptides might improve the health of gut lining.*

Bone broth for the win!

Bone broth has been a long time homeopathic remedy prescribed by doctors to patients who suffer from the ailment. What does a healthier gut mean for you skin and other health and beauty needs? It means better nutrient absorption resulting in tighter more radiant skin, longer and strong hair/nails and a overall healthier self!* (Yessss!)

Other sources of collagen for skin, beauty and health can come from collagen supplements. Marine collagen (fish collagen) and marine collagen peptides or powders are a newer and very popular source of collagen as well. Though marine collagen powder may be an easy way to implement this into your diet, it is a much more expensive alternative to Bone Broth, which can be made from items in your kitchen that you might have otherwise thrown away!

A simple bone broth can be made from kitchen scraps including onion and carrots peels, the butts of celery stalks. Herbs like parsley and rosemary will also take your bone broth to the next level. Keep your leftover scraps and bones from chicken, turkey or beef in the freezer. Once you have a good amount saved up throw the mixture in the slow cooker and leave it on low overnight. When your bone broth is done stick this in the refrigerator. A good broth will form a gelatinous layer on top when cooled. This layer might end up where the majority of your collagen will be stored.* But don’t forget about the rest of the mixture which will have important vitamins and minerals that can also be important to health and radiant beauty!* Not a fan of free form cooking? Follow this link to a delicious and detailed homemade bone broth recipe. Keep a stash for later by freezing your broth into ice cubes and storing in the freezer.

Type I, II & III Collagen may all be taken together.*

5-30 mg of collagen per day might not only help with skin & hair improvements but also with muscles & joint health.*


When it comes to bone broth, I personally love to heat up and sip this magic elixir on the couch while vegging out to my favorite show or reading a good book. However, there are so many more fun ways to get bone broth into your diet! I’ve gone ahead and compiled a few of my favorite bone broth recipes below

Bone Broth Collagen Ramen

Ramen bowls seem to be all the craze in many towns and cities across the US. This heartwarming Japanese dish is my all time favorite way to get get more bone broth in my diet because it pairs so well with other high collagen foods like boiled eggs, mushrooms, chicken, beef and seafood. Add some spinach for an added dose of radiance inducing vitamin C and helpful nutrients. But don’t be fooled! Ramen doesn’t have to be a carb/ gluten filled meal. This recipe uses spiraled sweet potatoes instead of traditional ramen noodles. Try kelp or sharitaki noodles for other grain free low calorie options.

Cauliflower Rice

Have you ever flavored your homemade rice with broth? This use to be the ultimate comfort food growing up. Easy on the stomach, my mother would make this everyday time we stayed home sick from school. Now that I am older and in charge of making healthy food decisions for myself I try to stay away from the conventional highly processed white rice and sodium rich broths, instead I opt for this delicious cauliflower rice recipe flavored with bone broth! Mmm…

Ginger Carrot Puree

Another delicious side dish that not only will help you get your daily veggies in but will also up your collagen intake with its bone broth base! Another great recipe that can be paired with high collagen foods like eggs for quick breakfast. Can you say “Good morning, gorgeous!?”

Anti Aging Banana Berry Smoothie

That’s right! A bone broth fruit smoothie! Use your chilled bone broth or frozen cubes in this mix to start your day off right or create your own with your favorite frozen fruit mix!

Healing the right way

Codeage Bone Broth Collagen capsules are formulated to be an amazing blend of nutrients coming from real, whole food, including Type II collagen.*

Bone broth protein is a stock or soup base made by slowly simmering the bones of animals for 10 hours or longer with health promoting herbs and spices. Cultures have been making bone broth for as long as civilization has existed, and perhaps even longer. Our ancestors wanted to get all the nutrients they needed, and did not have access to modern technology and supplements. The easiest way to get all of their nutrients was through preparing the bones.* By making organic beef and chicken bone broth, we are able to access the nutrient supply that is stored in the bones. In our busy and modern life, it can be difficult to take the time to prepare bone broth everyday which makes our organic bone broth collagen capsules the perfect on the go supplement.*

Codeage Bone Broth Collagen is a nutritional supplement we have created because, just like you, we live in the modern world and want to make the most of each and every day.

We've started with the best organic chicken bone broth protein we could find. Chicken collagen provides type II collagen as well as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.*

Then, we've added organic beef bone broth protein, which is rich in types I and III collagen.*

The takeaway

Though these are my top favorite ways to use bone broth there are plenty of recipes out there! Bone broth makes a subtle but tasty base for many entrees, side dishes and drinks. Or you can enjoy on its own! It’s up to you so get out there and find your favorite ways to enjoy! Here’s to youthful beauty from the inside out, Cheers!

You can also find Codeage Marine Collagen Peptides which are highly soluble, digestible and bio-available short chain amino acids.* They work to help restore and rebuild the body’s collagen supply, countering the effects of natural collagen decline.*