The Benefits Of Probiotics For Women

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Probiotics should be an integral part of your diet. These living microorganisms can be particularly beneficial for woman. Everyone is saying you need probiotics and turns out they are right and we are here to tell you exactly why.

But before you can figure out what is best for your health and body you have to know exactly what probiotics are and what role they play for you.

Why are probiotics good for you?

Live bacteria and yeasts are good for you especially your digestive system. Here are a few reasons why the benefits of probiotics are very good for you. Probiotics restore good bacteria. Antibiotics can help fight off bacterial infections BUT Harvard Medical School reported that overusing them can decrease the good bacteria in your body. SO, very important that if you must take medicine talk talk your Doctor about taking probiotics afterwards. They help recover beneficial microorganisms afterward and help the ratio of good to bad bacteria balance.  Probiotics prevent urinary tract infections. These probiotic pills or supplements help reduce frequency of UTI’s, they can help overcome the hard symptoms that accompany a UTI.  Probiotics strengthen immunity. By strengthening immunity by enriching and replenish good bacteria in your body it can help you get sick less. If you eat foods with probiotics regularly, it’s easier for your body to produce vitamins and enzymes that help keep your intestines happy.  Probiotics improve fertility. Conceiving can be quite difficult but luckily probiotics make it easier. Research shows having a good amount of certain probiotic strains can improve your odds. Talk to your gynecologist about what probiotics may work best for you. Probiotics prevent traveler’s diarrhea. If you want to improve your intestinal health to fix issues with constipation or diarrhea then probiotics is the way to go.  Probiotics help clear up your skin. Internal health is not the only thing probiotics are good for. They can potentially help people with skin issues such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. Studies are still being done so please talk to your dermatologist before changing your regular routine. Probiotics help boost digestion. Microbes in your lower intestinal tract are responsible for helping you digest food and probiotics can help keep everything run smoothly. They help reduce gas, bloat, and constipation.

We all have good and bad bacteria in our bodies and simply put probiotics are the good bacteria. They are live microorganisms that live in your gut and keep your gut healthy.

Types of probiotics

There are various types of bacteria that are classified as probiotics. All serve different benefits but most come from 2 groups. Ask your Doctor about which is most helpful for you and your needs. Now these are big words but don’t worry, we are going to break it down for you. The first is Lactobacillus. This is the most common probiotic. The one you will find in your yogurt or other fermented foods. Different strains help with diarrhea and help people who can’t digest lactose. The other is bifidobacterium, you can find it in some dairy products and can help ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions.

Probiotic rich foods

There are many foods that are very rich in probiotics. One being kefir, which is similar to yogurt, it’s fermented with yeast and more bacteria and in return is higher in probiotics. Sauerkraut is high in organic acids which support growth of good bacteria. The now ‘famous’ and trendy food kimchi is also good for you. For all you dairy free babes out there there is also coconut kefir. It has strains that are great for your health and has a great flavor. Natto is a popular dish in Japan and has extremely powerful probiotic what has been proven to strengthen your immune system and supports cardiovascular health. And finally, possibly the most popular probiotic food is yogurt or greek yogurt made from milk of cows, goats, or sheep

SBO probiotics fall under the same category as probiotics but truth is, they are simply not the same bacteria. SBO’S are beneficial in many ways but the benefits are very different from probiotics that live in the human body. SBO’s help our immune systems.

Soil-based organisms probiotics at your reach

Codeage SBO Probiotic + is an all-in-one digestive support and immune system supplement specifically formulated to support healthy nutrient absorption, digestion, microbial balance and a healthy immune system. Those probiotics are specially designed for both men and women.

Probiotics are known to supports healthy gut function, digestive health, the immune system function and a healthy GI tract. Probiotics also support normal microflora (ultimate flora probiotic) during normal digestion.

Important to note

Interest in probiotic supplements is soaring these days because of new studies revealing the wonderful benefits of these amazing microorganisms. There are many reasons why literally everyone should take a daily probiotic, and there is a great deal of research supporting the importance of gut health and a balanced gut microbiome. Very important to note though, that before taking any probiotic supplement or any other thing into your body...check with the Doc.