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Celery: The Lean, Mean Super Green You Need

Category: Health  

If you trace the origins of certain vegetables you will find that they have had interesting pasts.
Celery was first used for its medicinal properties, with the earliest mention of it found in Homer’s Odyssey from 850 B.C. It was next mentioned in 5th-century Chinese writings, followed by references to the plant in 9th-century French poems. Towards the 16th century, people started cultivating the miracle vegetable in their gardens which gave way to it becoming a staple food.
Celery is a part of the Apiaceae family and falls under the definition of a vegetable. It’s now used across the world and prominently featured in many cuisines, in the form of salads, soups, and even garnish on dishes. The green superfood is also considered an easy and healthy snack for dieters because it can be eaten raw and has little to no calories since it’s primarily made of water.
Celery has all the essential minerals and vitamins that the human body needs, along with a lot of fiber. This super green, superfood is great for diets as it has minimal calories, and is loaded with minerals and nutrients.

Benefits of celery

Controls Blood Pressure
Celery contains phthalides that help lower the stress hormones present in your blood. Potassium, along with the hypolipidemic effects on your body, help expand the blood vessels and reduce your blood pressure whereby controlling it.

Reduces Arthritis Pain
The anti-inflammatory properties of celery help ease the swelling around the joints and helps regrow tissue in inflamed joints. The super green helps reduce the pain of arthritis sufferers.

Controls Cholesterol Levels
Celery is known to reduce bad cholesterol. The phthalides in celery get the bile juices out of your body which helps reduce artery-clogging cholesterol, improving your heart’s health.

Inhibits Urinary Tract Infections
Celery seeds contain diuretic properties that help in the elimination of uric acid. Regular use of celery helps prevent Urinary Tracts Infections (UTI’s), and provides relief for other UT-related concerns.

Gives Your Immune System a Boost
The green superfood boasts antioxidants and a lot of Vitamin C. These essentials help strengthen your immune system. A better immune system guarantees better resistance to common viruses.

Body Detox
Detox-ing is important for your body if you want to avoid diseases of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys. Celery acts as an antioxidant to help you detoxify your body of all unwanted material.

Helps with Weight Loss
Celery, with its high nutrition value and low calorie count, is ideal for those on strict diets. The high fiber, low calorie content in celery means you can eat it to feel full, but it won’t make you gain any weight. Celery helps you lose weight without starving yourself!

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Here’s a Pro Tip: Aloe Vera and Celery make for a great combo.

How can i consume celery?

When not eaten as a snack, Celery is used in salads and soups. Given its light and fresh flavours, Celery can be added to almost any recipe without overpowering the other ingredients. Try adding celery to your next garden salad, or just eat it raw with some peanut butter!
Juice is also a great way to consume this super green. Celery juice is on the rise amongst healthy-eating enthusiasts. Celery juice has a low caloric value and provides the same amount of nutrients as raw celery – it’s just way more convenient.

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The takeaway

For your own superfood green juice try juicing up your celery with a couple of apples, cucumbers, a lemon and a glass of aloe juice. The health benefits and versatility of Celery, along with centuries of use in herbal medicine, confirms it as one of the best raw greens available.