Don't Have Time To Exercise? We've Made It Easy!

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Waking up in the morning with an eight-hour work day ahead of you sounds daunting, doesn’t it? It seems even more unnerving not having enough time in the day to take care of ourselves. Sad part is, when we neglect exercising we are putting our mental and physical health at risk too. Everything else always keeps precedence: children, chores, grocery shopping, work, school, etc. It is our human nature to take care of other responsibilities before ourselves. Shouldn’t our health be a priority too? We think it should be! Therefore, we have compiled an easy to read article, with simple techniques, that can be squeezed into our busy lives.

Easy ways to exercise at work: fit it in during lunch

Clearly, the easiest option is to squeeze a workout in on your lunch break. However, this isn’t always easiest since most people only get a 30-minute lunch. So, scratch that! A work out is much more feasible with a 1-hour lunch break. During this time, you could speed walk around the building for at least thirty minutes. I would highly recommend trekking up and down flights of stairs if you are fortunate to have them in your building. I don’t always get to take an hour lunch, so I keep a yoga mat in my office for back up. It’s easy to knock out a 15-minute yoga video on YouTube. Plus, I don’t sweat much with yoga!

Always opt for the stairs instead of the elevator during your work day.

Exercise in your seat: as effective as the gym

Below are a couple of exercises you can try at your desk:  

Arm Circles – sit straight back in your seat, feet on the floor, and knees bent 90 degrees. Position your arms straight out and rotate them in a circular motion. Try to accomplish 40 full circular rotations.
Bent Over Arm Lift – position yourself in your chair, feet planted on the ground, and lean towards your knees. Your palms should face each other then raise your arms out to the side. Slowly bring them back in and repeat 25 times.
Triceps Dip – make sure you have a sturdy chair or bench. Bring your hands to the edge of the chair – shoulder length apart, then slide your butt off the chair. Keep your legs straight and raise yourself up and as low as you can go with just your arm strength. Repeat 25 times.
Leg Raises – lean back comfortable in your chair, hold on to the arm rests, and position your legs straight out in front of you. Keep your legs together and slowly raise them as high up as you can, then slowly bring them back down to the ground. Repeat 25 times.

It’s totally doable to burn some calories in your seat if you are not lucky enough to sneak away for a lunch break. You just need a little creativity to make it worthwhile!

Why is it good to stretch and move every day?

Most people don’t know the importance of stretching every single day! We need to stretch our major muscle groups daily to maintain strong, healthy, flexible muscles. Limiting stretching from your daily routine will result in shortened and tight muscles, which in turn affects your range of motion. For instance, say you sit in a chair all day for work which result in your hamstrings constricting. If you were to go for a run or play a round of tennis, then you have a much higher risk of damaging a muscle due to strain. It’s imperative to keep the muscles flexible, especially if you are athletic.

Helps reduce muscle pain following exercise

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Give it a shot!

Get up and MOVE! No, really, people do not understand how important it is to move your body! Movement increases your heart beat and gets your blood flowing. The blood flow increases oxygen to your cells and removes toxins from your body! The body detoxifies free radicals through the lymph system and exercise increases the lymph systems activity. On the other hand, exercise and stretching enhance your mood, boost energy, and regulate digestion.

Do yourself a favor and GIVE IT A SHOT! Start your day with positive affirmations and boost your confidence. Create a routine while using our 5 fun exercises daily while allowing your endurance to strengthen. Before you know it, it will become habit! Eventually you can lead yourself into a tougher regimen to achieve the optimal health you’ve always desired. You must start somewhere so why not have fun while you do it?