Your Essential Guide To Amla Berry Extract

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Superfoods, the kitchy title for some of the yummiest, nutrient-rich foods that make you feel good. From spinach to acai to chia seeds, they’re a part of your diet in some form or another. But have you heard of Indian Gooseberries? If you have, props to you!

Not to be confused by other spherical fruits such as grapes or blueberries, Indian Gooseberries are worthy of their own attention in the world of superfoods. Known as the amalaki plant, amla for short; Indian Gooseberries have been utilized for over three thousand years in Hindu culture.

What's an Indian gooseberry?

Indian gooseberries, known as amla, are a type of fruit that can be found in the Middle East, India and even parts of Asia. Light green in color, the fruit’s taste shifts almost with every bite, from quite sour to overly sweet. Gooseberry season runs from October through April. Amla is typically used in Ayurvedic medicine, though it can be found in households all over India. Derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science or knowledge), Ayurvedic medicine has been used for over thousands of years, and is still practiced today! In India, amla, is revered as sacred due to its healing properties. From the seed to the fruit to the bark, all parts of the divine tree are utilized and often used in tonics and remedies. Look in many scriptures or sacred texts in India, and you’ll be sure to find the amla or divaushadhi mentioned in some form. In ayurvedic textbooks, it mentions the amla promoting “longevity, memory, intelligence, youthfulness, stable progeny, strength and immunity of the body, strength of the sense organs, the quality of purity (Sattva), a clear voice and sweet and successful speech, respectability (due to a pure nature, good health, and prosperity), and invincibility.” Sounds like the amla berry could make you almost superhuman...if only. While I can’t promise you extraordinary powers, amla succeeds in fortifying your body against ailments such as cancer and bone problems.

In Ayurveda, it is believed “prevention is better than the cure,” hence the use of this miracle superfood to combat illness before it even develops.

Benefits of the Indian gooseberry

  • They’re full of Vitamin C - feel a cold coming on the day before an important work presentation? Amla can help with boosting your immune system.
  • Lower your cholesterol and help your heart with continued use of amla. That’s right, it helps out your cardiovascular system.
  • May help fight off cancer and other diseases with amla’s high phytochemicals and antioxidants that slow down free radicals that effect the immune system and can potentially lead to diseases. It can also counteract the nasty side effects of cancer drugs.
  • Enhance your liver by protecting it against toxic elements (yes, that means your evening glass of wine), and reduce oxidative stress.
  • Handle your blood sugar with amla’s high fiber content and antioxidants. It can also normalizes blood glucose.
  • Effected by arthritis and osteoporosis? Amla can reduce inflammation and cool your body down. It can also limit the damage of osteoclasts.
  • Antibiotics no longer working on your throat infection? The antibacterial properties of amla can help combat pathogens and infections in the body that have built a tolerance to antibiotics.
  • Digestive system thrown out of whack? Amla’s fiber content helps keep you regular and feeling lighter. It calms acid problems and flushes out the toxins that come with unhealthy food choices and preservative heavy items.
  • Up your calcium and iron intake - amla helps your body absorb calcium which helps make your teeth, nails and bones strong.
  • Cramps got you down? the vitamins and minerals in amla extract can ease your pain and even prevent cramps!
  • Stressed out? amla can help prevent and treat Ulcers, by preventing the growth of helicobacter pylori bacteria. It also induces stress relieving hormones to keep you feeling sharp and calm.
  • Can’t catch a breath? amla can help ease asthma, coughs and other respiratory issues. It also helps with the moisture levels in your lungs.
  • Looking to have a baby? amla can enhance fertility.
  • Afraid of losing your memory? amla can boost memory and even prevent Alzheimer’s. Its said to sharpen intellect as well as improve your nervous systems and senses.
  • Hair feeling flat - amla helps your maintain its youthful glow, restore hair follicles, and slows down that eventual appearance of grey hair.
  • Give yourself that extra boost at the gym - amla aids in building strong muscles and lean muscle mass. Athletes have used gooseberries for years.

Vitamin A and carotenes in gooseberries can help with near-sightedness. It can also protect your skin against pollution, poor eating habits and even signs of aging. Say goodbye to toxins and say hello to cleaner skin with collagen.

Healing the right way

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Fortify your body

Don’t worry you don’t have to book a flight or even visit your local Indian market to get the super benefits of this superfood, the Indian Gooseberry comes in an extract form! So what are you waiting for? Take note from those that practice Ayurveda, fortify your body and prevent, prevent, prevent