Most people today (80% or more) will suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis by the time they are 65. For many of us these conditions may start a lot earlier. As early as your 20s, you may experience pain in your knees, hands or back that you may believe are linked to an injury. These could very well be the early warning signs from your body that arthritis is taking shape within you. You may have heard that arthritis is a natural consequence of getting older and that there is nothing to be done. You may be prescribed drugs to try to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis but often the drugs can only mask the damage temporarily and cannot fix the underling condition. Some drugs may even inhibit the body’s natural repair mechanisms or even cause further damage and inflammation.*

In the past, both conditions where either link to the natural deterioration of the body or to “unknown causes”. Today we know that both conditions are linked to inflammation and to an autoimmune reaction from the body. Like many other modern diseases linked to inflammation or autoimmunity, lifestyle changes can do wonders for arthritis. Yes, you can help prevent further deteriorations and perhaps even get better through smart living.*

One of the key lifestyle changes we can make to reduce the pain from arthritis and even start healing is increasing our intake of collagen either through diet or as a supplement. Scientific Data now shows that collagen has a clear effect in reducing joint pain linked to arthritis [1] Giving your body collagen, the right protein, (combination of amino acids) to fix your joints and reduce the deterioration process can help you feel and move better.*

Instead of relying solely on pain reducing over the counter or prescription drugs with side effects and no permanent healing effects, you can take collagen which is the may catalyst of repair for your joints and cartilage.* Our ancestors did that solely through eating bones, tendons and cartilage. You can make bone broth and eat marrow in the bone (both delicious and healthful but you also have modern tools at your disposal.

You can add Codeage Multi Collagen or Marine Collagen powder to your smoothies, shakes, paleo backed goods and Crockpot dishes for a delicious burst of health for your articulations. You can travel or go to work with Codeage Collagen Capsules or add them to your supplementation routine to painlessly ad more collagen to your live.*

This is the 21st century. Nothing is inevitable and new solutions are often based on modern implementations of old principles. Let Codeage help you towards a stronger you every day.*

[1] Woo T1, Lau L, Cheung N, Chan P, Tan K and Gardner A, 2017, Efficacy of Oral Collagen in Joint Pain – Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Journal of Arthritis