Health Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

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Doing yoga regularly can lead to a vast range of both physical and mental benefits, some of which help to reverse certain disease, improve quality of life, and even extend life. As you age, do you have any intent to incorporate yoga into your everyday routine? Especially if regular yoga means a dramatic improvement of your overall health?
Even if you’re not yet worried about aging and the trials that come with it, it is still incredibly beneficial to start regularly doing yoga. Let’s dive into the facts about doing yoga and the health benefits that come after it’s set into a routine.

Physical benefits of yoga practice

Weight reduction – as you start to work yoga into your regular routine, you’ll notice it become easier to feel full or have your hunger cued. Research has found that practicing yoga regularly for four years lowers BMI (body mass index) and those that were overweight lost weight. It’s important to note that mindful eating does also play a big role in any permanent weight reduction.
Increased muscle tone, increased strength overall – conditioning your body through routine yoga will work muscles more tensely than that of a regular workout. That means that while you may not grow muscles like The Incredible Hulk, you do still build muscle tone and, more importantly, get stronger for doing so.
Improved athletic capabilities – striking yoga poses for extended periods of time, focusing completely, and learning how to breathe properly all improve your athletic performance, too.
Metabolism easier to maintain – while mindful eating does play a huge role in permanent weight reduction right alongside yoga, it is interesting that research found yoga to help with learning mindfulness to begin with. This means that even if you don’t consider yourself a mindful eater right now, just doing yoga regularly can, over time, start to improve that.
Increased flexibility – you’ll be stretching for very long periods of time when regularly doing yoga. Over time, stretching for longer periods and stretching further than before becomes much easier. It comes as no surprise that this leads to increased flexibility of the entire body over time.
Improved respiratory and circulatory systems – while this isn’t exactly exclusive to yoga, doing any form of exercise for a routine period can improve your circulatory and respiratory systems.

There are countless benefits to doing yoga regularly, even if you can only spare 15 minutes out of your day.

Mental benefits of yoga practice

All at the same time, as if the physical benefits weren’t enough, the mental benefits to doing routine yoga include:

Easier to manage stress – it’s no secret that stress can have devastating effects to the mind and body. Yoga allows you to develop the coping skills necessary to deal with stress. Through routine, yoga also allows you to reach a more positive outlook on life, further relieving the stress from your day.
Improved mental wellbeing – a large part of yoga consists of meditation and breathing, which can improve someone’s mental psyche after regular practice. Yoga helps you develop a mental calmness and clarity.
Better self-image – one of the biggest reasons yoga is recommended for any age is the improvement of your self-image after routine yoga practice. Because yoga increases your overall body awareness, you begin to gain confidence the more you set goals that you achieve and explore your limits with yoga.
Body awareness – like having a better self-image of one’s body, improved body awareness plays a big role in the mental benefits of yoga. This leads to the medical side of the benefits of yoga, because better body awareness means you’re likely able to detect physical problems at an earlier stage, which means preventive action can be taken.

Research shows yoga to help relieve chronic stress patterns.

The power of nature for your mental health

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Medical benefits

On a medical level, yoga has been shown to lower blood pressure, ease insomnia, and lessen chronic pain. Chronic pain can be a wide range of things, including arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and headaches/migraines.
Hypertension minimized – after incorporating just three of the basic elements in yoga (meditation, postures, and breathing), 17 different studies showed similar evidence that hypertension was heavily minimized, reducing medication amount necessary.
Strengthen bones – research regularly demonstrates that because yoga is such a weight-bearing activity, it can help slow the process of bone thinning, which can ultimately reduce the risk of osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women in their 50s or older.

Practicing yoga regularly is vital

It comes as no surprise that conditioning your body through yoga will lead to a large array of health benefits. The best part of keeping up with yoga in your daily routine is that you can continue to reap the rewards for years to come. Every day, even if you can only spare 15 minutes – just say yes to yoga and live a happier, longer, and fuller life.