Healthy Foods That Look Like The Body Parts They’re Good For

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There are a number of foods you hear are good for certain parts of the body. Your body functions well or not so well, depending on what you give it to use. The funny thing is that some of these superfoods that feed our organs and other important body parts actually look similar to the parts they improve! There are a number of foods that resemble what they’re good for, so let’s break down the similarities between healthy foods and their beneficiaries.

Celery and the foot

A stalk of celery resembles the bones, veins, and structure of a foot. It doesn’t seem like a mistake considering the amount of sodium, nearly 25%, that makes up bones. Celery provides the body with a natural serving of sodium, and is also very rich in vitamin K, which helps prevent blood clots. Celery also contains vitamin A, potassium, and vitamin C, all of which help bones grow, develop, and maintain a healthy strength. Celery also contains 1.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams, meaning just about every inch of that celery stalk is going to do some great things for your feet, as well as the rest of your body.

Mushroom and your ears

Mushrooms resemble the outer and visible parts of the inner ear, and that’s a main body part that benefits from this rooted regular in a healthy diet. Mushrooms provide Vitamin D, which helps with your bones, like the ones in your ear’s auditory ossicles. They happen to be the three smallest bones in your body, and they’re crucial for your ability to hear. The three bones, the malleus, incus, and stapes, help transmit sounds into the deeper parts of your ear. Whether you’re a mushroom lover or someone who struggles to throw them in their meals, you might want to start. You heard it here first.

Carrots and your eyes

It’s one of the first things you learn about the benefits of vegetables as a child. Carrots are good for your eyes. It’s why you never see rabbits wearing glasses. Your eyes see clearer and even look healthier deep in their corneas thanks to the increased blood flow that carrots provide. Not to mention, carrots are filled with vitamins A, C, K, and B8. Throw in some iron, copper, manganese, potassium, and pantothenic acid, and you have a vegetable that helps you see better as well as feel better, assisting in digestive processes as well as a natural energy source.

Onions and blood cells

Onions resemble what a microscopic picture of a blood cell looks like, and it makes sense. Onions are known to make people cry while cutting them, and maybe even secrete a unique and pungent odor, but they also help clear waste from your body’s cells. Thephyto-chemicals in onions red and white assist in improving the effects of Vitamin C in your body, meaning onions literally help make you immune to disease. There’s also a healthy dose of chromium, a major influence on your body’s blood sugar levels, serving as a natural regulator. Like ogres, onions have layers, not just in their physical composition, but also their benefits to your body.

Sweet potatoes and your pancreas

Sweet potatoes look a lot like the human pancreas and can be quite beneficial if you have trouble with your glycemic levels and blood sugar. Sweet potatoes balance the glycemic index of people with diabetes and serve as a great source of vitamin A. They also contain vitamin C, manganese, copper, and pantothenic acids. That makes them great, but that’s not all they do. Sweet potatoes also provide potassium, dietary fiber, and phosphorus, all of which keep the body in tip top shape. Your blood and body will thank you for skipping the usual russet and grabbing a sweet potato next time.

Bananas and your smile

You’ve seen the silly look of a monkey smiling before and it is no wonder why they’re so happy and willing to show off their chompers. Bananas literally put a smile on your face through the transfer of tryptophan, an amino acid and major player in the digestive process. When tryptophan goes through your body, its makeup gets converted into serotonin, the happy chemical your brain reacts quite well to.

When eating a banana, you are getting a pretty large dose of serotonin, mixed with additional benefits like potassium and vitamin d. That’s plenty of reasons to put a smile on.

Full spectrum of superfood nutrients

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Grapes and your lungs

So an actual vine of grapes doesn’t resemble the lungs too much, but they do look quite similar to the lung’s alveoli. Alveoli are tiny sacs that live inside our lungs to allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to move between the lungs and the bloodstream. When we think lungs, we think breathing, and there’s no breathing without these grape-like alveoli. Adding red and purple grapes into your diet is a prove method to reduce the risk of lung cancer and emphysema. Both diseases move fast in the body and cause long term difficulties for those who do not see rapid growth in their bodies, so grapes are an easy way to do your part in filling your lungs with as much help as they can get!

Walnuts and the brain

Walnuts look a lot like the brain, and they actually help in developing over three dozen neurotransmitters within the brain that enhance its’ ability to signal and encourage new messaging links between brain cells. Your brain is a very active organ -and can either grow stronger or weaker depending on what you give it to use. Walnuts can be a great way to fight off dementia as well as protein-based plaques that cause Alzheimer’s disease. Walnuts are strong but mighty when it comes to fighting the biggest threats to your brain.

Feed your soul

Sometimes performing maintenance on your body is as easy as eating a delicious food! It’s not hard to do things your body will thank you for, and it certainly pays off given the numerous benefits that healthy foods can bring to you. Next time you go grocery shopping, consider these foods that resemble important parts of the body, and take a positive step in feeding yourself things that will keep you at your best.