Healthy Foods That Make You Glow From The Inside Out

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Few things are more enviable than smooth, glowing skin. But, if you’re like most of the human race, achieving the perfect complexion can be pretty damned difficult, if not impossible. Even those exalted individuals who dwell in the model sphere can tell you that glowing skin maintenance is a challenge. And for good reason: It's hard to keep your skin clear and healthy when your lifestyle and diet are a hot mess.

So if you want that healthy glow, start with what you put into your body. The truth is our dietary choices affect the entire body, whether we realize it or not. Healthy foods packed with good-for-you ingredients will nourish you inside and out, and the proof of that is the appearance of your skin. With a little bit of healthy meal planning you can add the right vitamins and nutrients to your diet to get glowing and healthy skin. Here are a few good healthy snack ideas to get your epidermis to excellence:

Snack ideas

Nuts are packed with nutrients that improve brain function as well as skin health. In addition to being a great source of protein, nuts contain minerals like zinc and selenium which are known to help keep your skin supple and protected. Carry a pack of almonds, cashews, peanuts or walnuts in your bag for a quick snack wherever you go. Another option is to add a handful of nuts to a fresh salad for flavor and texture! It will be both satisfying and delicious. Nuts are the perfect health food to keep you glowing inside and out.

Not only are berries beautiful--all those gorgeous colors!--and delicious, they are also brimming with antioxidants that can keep your skin in great shape. The antioxidants in berries fight free radicals which can cause signs of aging, and their vitamin C content gives a boost to the immune system. Add berries to your breakfast cereal or yogurt, toss them in a blender for a sweet and nutrient-rich smoothie, and keep some in the fridge for a quick grab-and-go healthy snack. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries--so many ways to enjoy these healthy, yummy fruits.

Nuts are high in fat, low in carbs, and a great source of several nutrients, including vitamin E, magnesium, and selenium.

Foods for the soul

This old-timey vegetable has actually been a superfood for years! Broccoli contains vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and K, all of which are key to a clear and glowing complexion. Vitamin A in particular is known to regenerate and reveal bright new skin. The health benefits of all those vitamins and minerals earn their place at the dinner table--or the lunch bag--or the breakfast omelet. It’s so versatile you’ll find all kinds of ways to use it, and reap the healthy skin benefits.
Don’t wait to get started--add broccoli to your very next meal to get your glow on!

Whether your tastes run to salmon or lemon sole, shrimp or lobster, oysters or clams, there’s a seafood selection that is right for your diet. Whatever you choose, know that seafood’s nutritional profile includes zinc and omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to improve both skin health and heart health. The fats in seafood act as anti-inflammatories that fight skin conditions such as eczema, as well as improving skin elasticity and suppleness.This nutritious, delicious protein plays well with many equally healthy and nutritious vegetables. A world of tasty dinners with the added bonus of good skin health awaits your creative touch.


Dark Chocolate

What is life without a little chocolate in it? Surprisingly chocolate’s reputation as a cause of acne has been redeemed by current research. Chocolate contains antioxidants as well as pre and probiotics that protect the skin from premature aging, reduce inflammation, and even heal your gut! The secret is to enjoy a small square or two of the darkest chocolate (70% cacao minimum) once a day. Treat yourself to this superfood and feel virtuous--your healthy skin will glow in appreciation.

Did you know? Vitamin A is found in Salmon and is essential for stimulating bone-building cells called osteoblasts.*

Essential vitamin comple

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Vitamin A is critical for bone growth as it helps stimulate bone-building cells called osteoblasts. Other functions of vitamin A include the formation and maintenance of teeth bones, soft tissue, white blood cells, the immune system, and mucus membrane. Vitamin A palmitate or retinol palmitate is a form of vitamin A known as a retinoid (retinol) which is a bioavailable form of vitamin A meaning it is used and absorbed by the body more efficiently than other forms of vitamin A. Vitamin A palmitate has been studied for multiple conditions and may have health benefits in several areas, including: supporting eye health, skin health, reproductive health and a strong immune system.*

Vitamin D3 is needed for proper bone growth and remodeling, a natural process that replaces weakened bone tissue with stronger tissue. A lack of Vitamin D3 may result in thin, brittle or misshapen bones. Vitamin K2 joins forces with D3 to help improve bone density and inhibit the production of cells that break down bone. If you’re taking Vitamin D, it is critical to take K2 as they work together to maintain tight control over calcium levels in the body. Vitamin D controls the absorption of calcium into the blood and vitamin K2 controls where that calcium ends up. This is why they are often referred to as the “Dynamic Duo” working together to support bone health, a strong immune system and optimal cardiovascular health.*

The takeaway

I hope this introductory list to the MVPs of good skin nutrition encourages you to experiment in the kitchen.The right skincare regime is waiting for you just look in your fridge! Healthy meals translate into a healthy body and healthy, glowing skin that will be apparent to all who gaze upon you. And gaze they will, because clear skin is beautiful.