How Can Guava Help You Feel & Look Your Best

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If you have been on the lookout for the perfect fruit to add to your diet in 2019, then look no farther than guava. The guava fruit is indigenous to Central America and has been consumed for centuries. It is hailed as healthy, antioxidant rich fruit for many years, and is just now starting to make its way into grocery stores and diets around the world. Once one of the hidden secrets of Central America, guava fruit is now a booming and popular fruit that people are reaching for due to its high vitamin content, sweet taste, and antioxidant profile.

The best part about the guava fruit, is that the entire fruit and the fruit leaves are edible. This allows consumers to utilize guava as a snack and then utilize the leaves as tea leaves and make a delicious healthy drink. If you are looking for a few reasons to grab a guava fruit, then keep reading to learn about five evidence based health benefits about guava.

The health benefits of guava

Guava May Improve Your Digestion
One of the main reasons that nutritionists love guava is that one cup of the delicious fruit contains 9 grams of fiber! For a little perspective, men need an average of 38 grams of fiber per day, while women need 25 grams of fiber to keep their digestive systems healthy and happy. Fiber allows you to stay regular and feeds the bacteria inside of your gut to keep your digestive system running smoothly. Every single nutrient you eat must be digested, and a healthy stomach and intestinal system allows you to absorb more nutrients from your food and stay healthier. Guava has a healthy about of fiber in it, which can keep your intestines happy. Just make sure that you eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day to keep your fiber values high.

Guava May Help Ease Blood Sugar Woes
There has been evidence that shows that guava can actually help lower your blood sugar. If you struggle with type 2 diabetes or just high blood sugar in general, then guava fruit are a great way to keep your sweet tooth happy and keep your blood sugar low.

Guava contains a healthy amount of fiber, as stated above, which can stabilize your blood sugar and keep you from having too high or too low of blood sugar. Plus, the leaves of the guava plant have actually been shown to lower blood sugar levels after meals. People who drank guava leaf tea after meals have been shown to have lower blood glucose levels post prandial than people who did not drink the tea.

Guava May Reduce Your Blood Pressure and Improve Heart Health
Guava has been shown to improve heart health in a number of great ways. First, the fiber found in the fruit contributes to lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure levels. Secondly, the potent antioxidants found in the fruit may have an effect on your body’s overall inflammation levels. With lower inflammation, your heart stays healthier and you are at less of a risk of heart disease.

The main two ways that guava directly affects the heart is by lowering your blood pressure and lowering your cholesterol levels. These two ways directly impact your heart disease risk and decrease your risk of having a heart attack and a stroke. A recent study found that people who ate ripened guava before their meals had a reduction of almost 10% in their “bad” LDL cholesterol and an increase in their HDL or “good” cholesterol. Plus, the same participants lowered their blood pressure by 8-9 points. This data proves that guava fruit and guava fruit supplements are incredibly heart healthy.


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Additional benefits

Guava May Keep Your Hair, Skin, and Nails Vibrant
Everyone knows that eating healthy can make your insides look and feel better, but what about your outward appearance? Fortunately for you, guava has many health effects on your skin, hair and nails. Guava is chocked full of vitamin C, which is a potent vitamin and antioxidant that is necessary for immune support and can help your skin and hair look absolutely flawless.

Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants that most people eat on a daily basis. It has the ability to remove oxidants from your bloodstream and keep your immune system strong. By taking a vitamin C supplement or by eating foods rich in vitamin C such as guava fruit, you can strengthen your immunity and stop getting every infection or virus that you come into contact with. This is especially important during flu season. Vitamin C also has effects on how you look. This essential nutrient is part of your collagen makeup, and without enough vitamin C, your skin and hair may begin to look dull due to collagen breakdown. To look and feel vibrant, combine guava with biotin hair vitamins or foods rich in biotin and you will quickly begin to notice differences in your skin and hair.

Guava May Act as an Anti-Inflammatory Agents
If you haven’t already been convinced to go buy all of the guava fruit and guava leaves at your local grocery store, then you may after this health fact. Due to its high vitamin and antioxidant load, guava is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation in the body can lead to chronic pain, arthritis, infections, and more. Inflammation is a sign of immune function, and too much inflammation can lead to horrible symptoms and issues within each body system. Guava can help keep inflammation at bay and in turn, reduce pain levels, and keep your body working at maximum level.

Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin that helps your body convert food into energy.

Beauty from within

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Biotin also known as vitamin B7, has many important functions for our bodies. Biotin is water-soluble which means that the body does not store it. This is why you probably heard about many people taking biotin supplements for healthier hair, stronger nails and more youthful skin. Biotin is necessary for the function of several enzymes known as carboxylases. They participate in important metabolic pathways such as the production of glucose and fatty acids. This vitamin is essential for energy metabolism however there is no need to worry, biotin deficiency is quite rare. Additionally, folate is added to Codeage Beauty Tonic for our bodies to make DNA and for our cells to divide. Folate ie essential for women who are pregnant due to its health benefits of making red blood cells and repairing DNA. *

Since biotin helps protect and promote healthy skin, hair and nails, vitamins C & E are also added for protection. You probably know that vitamin C does a lot of good for our bodies and even for the hair. Vitamin C is responsible for the synthesis of collagen in the body which helps to keep the skin looking young and flexible and promotes healthy hair growth and regeneration. Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant which prevents the damage of the hair follicles from free radicals. Vitamin C deficiency can result in hair loss, split ends and general illnesses.

The takeaway

Guave is a wonderful, delicious fruit that can be found in most organic or exotic produce grocery stores. Guava fruit and guava leaves are full of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6, plus many, many more. These vitamins and antioxidants have a variety of functions in the body, including reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, keep your hair and skin healthy and more. These are just a few reasons that guava should be added to your daily diet to keep you healthy and happy in this new year.