How Can St. John's Wort Help You Reclaim Your Vibrant Mood?

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St. John’s Wort is a yellow flowering shrub that is found in Europe. This beautiful plant has been used since the Middle Ages as a treatment for a wide variety of ailments.

The plant’s name is derived from the fact that is blooms around the same time of St. John the Baptist’s birthday, at the summer solstice, June 24th. At the beginning of its medicinal uses it was primarily used in the treatment of nerve pain and as a sedative, fast-forward to modern medicine and it is now one of the top-selling herbal supplements on the market and used primarily for depression and anxiety.


With the growing popularity of St. John’s Wort much researched has been aimed at determining the benefits of this herbal supplement. Extensive research has been done in regard to its impact on depression and potential interactions with medications for the condition. These studies continuously support the therapeutic claims for treating mild to moderate depression with St. John’s Wort.

How St. John’s Wort works in the body to treat depression is not fully understood. The primary hypothesis is that it works much like an antidepressant medications. Ingredients in the herb such as adhyperforin, hyperforin, and hypericin are through to increase dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which work to regulate and increase mood. In most cases this supplement is thought to be as effective as pharmaceuticals in treating depression but without the side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Clinical trials looking at the proper dose for St. John’s Wort in treating depression show the most support for adult doses around 300 milligrams of 0.3% hypericin extract (St. John’s Wort). This dose was generally taken three times a day total 1200 milligrams a day for six months. After improvement in symptoms was observed many people will begin a lower dose of 300 to 600 milligrams a day for maintenance purposes. Children should not begin this herbal supplement without the clearance from their healthcare provider.

Did you know? Ashwagandha is also another plant that may help reduce stress and anxiety.

More benefits

Menopause is the natural process a woman will go through which ends her menstrual cycle. While it is a normal occurrence in a woman’s life, it comes with a host of aggravating symptoms. St. John’s Wort has been studied and used for treating menopausal symptoms and perimenopausal women are beginning to take notice. Hot flashes and mood swings are the two primary symptoms that woman are seeing positive results in controlling through the use of St. John’s Wort extract. One major study published in Advance in Therapy showed improvements of menopause symptoms after taking 900 milligram tablets three times per day, but the majority recommends 300 milligrams a day for 12 weeks.

Depression is not the only mental health condition that St. John’s Wort has had success in treating. Many patients living with obsessive- compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are turning to the use of this supplement in their healthcare regimen.

Some individuals take St. John’s Wort as part of their daily health regimen for no particular condition. People claim improvements in overall health and other symptoms such as nerve pain, focus, irritable bowel syndrome, and psoriasis.

St. John's Wort may help boost mood and provide some relief from depression.

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Miracle plant

St. John’s Wort is growing in popularity and with that growth an increase in low quality products is inevitable. Choosing a reputable manufacturer that is focused on quality and bioavailability is a major proponent of St. John’s Wort’s success in treating symptoms.