How Much Collagen Do You Really Need?

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Collagen is the most abundant, naturally occurring protein in the human body. It is found in the blood vessels, muscles, tendons, skin, the digestive system, and even bones. The purpose of collagen is to add strength and elasticity where it is located, especially the skin, as this keeps the skin appearing youthful and healthy. As we age collagen production begins to decline making it important to take in various amounts of all primary forms: Collagen I, II, III, V, and X.

As mentioned, there are five forms of collagen, three of which are primary: Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. However, because these three occur most abundantly the essential five are equally important and can have a synergistic effect when all five types are combined.

Multi Collagen Protein Powder

You can find collagen in many parts of your body including your muscles, your digestive system, the bones, your skin, face, tendons and even your blood vessels. Thе collagen in this formula соmеѕ from five diffеrеnt sources, whiсh аrе bovine, сhiсkеn, fish, and eggs. Thеѕе sources can provide уоu with five different tуреѕ оf соllаgеn at once. Each type targets a diffеrеnt аrеа оf уоur bоdу, whiсh аrе:

  • Type I: skin, tendons, оrgаnѕ, аnd bоnе tiѕѕuе
    • Tуре II: cartilage throughout уоur body
    • Tуре III: rеtiсulаr fibers bеtwееn the аrеаѕ liѕtеd in tуре I
    • Tуре V: surfaces оf сеllѕ, hаir, аnd bone formation
    • Type X: for thе creation аnd healing оf bоnе tiѕѕuе

Our Multi Collagen Powder also contains an Amino Acid breakdown:

Alanine 841 mg, Arginine 765 mg, Aspartic Acid 458 mg, Glutamic Acid 1003 mg, Glycine 2300 mg, Histidine 90 mg, Hydroxylysine 138 mg, Hydroxyproline 1168 mg, Isoleucine 122 mg, Leucine 260 mg, Lysine 330 mg, Methionine 90 mg, Phenylalanine 160 mg, Proline 1335 mg, Serine 315 mg, Threonine 194 mg, Tyrosine 60 mg, Valine 220 mg.

Codeage - Beef Spleen

Collagen As a Supplement

Bioavailability is an important aspect of any high quality collagen supplement. This term refers to how well the active compound is absorbed and used by the body to accomplish its primary purpose. A collagen supplement formulated with lower quality collagen types will be minimally absorbed and excreted from the body.

It is understood that collagen supplements are most beneficial when taken at night. While the body is at rest the stomach is more able to absorb the collagen without interruption from food, drink, or activity. Taking collagen at night also permits the body to use it during the natural repair process the skin and connective tissues are experiencing.

Forms & Research

Research shows that collagen supplementation of Types I, II, III, V, and X are beneficial in both the short- and long-term health and healing of the skin. A 2019 study looked at 805 people and concluded with promising results that collagen supplementation can improve a variety of skin health attributes including elasticity, density, hydration, and overall aging.

Another study conducted at Penn State University in 2018 looked at 147 athletes. The design was a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, and double-blind study. Those that received the control were observed to have improved joint health, reduced inflammation, and increased mobility. A secondary factor was quite hopeful and showed a decrease in the potential for future joint pain as well.

Multi Collagen is an essential supplement for your health and beauty.

A Dynamic Combination

There is some concern as to whether or not it is necessary to take in collagen Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 5, and Type 10 all at once. While Types I, II, and III are the primary forms when all five types are combined it can result in something called nutrient synergy. This is typically used in reference to nutrients like vitamin C and iron, when combined iron is more readily absorbed. It is based on the concept that combining all types of collagen at once will increase the efficacy of each.

Collagen Type 1 is the most abundant form of collagen in the body. This type is used by the body to form vital body components including bones, skin, tendons, blood vessel walls, and tons of connective tissue.

Collagen Type 2 makes up cartilage located in the joints, ears, rib case, and even nose. Supplementing with Type 1 collagen can improve your joint health and may be beneficial for those with arthritis.

Collagen Type 3 is highly beneficial for skin health making it more elastic. Supplementing with collagen Type 3 can improve signs of aging on the skin.

Collagen Type 5 is important in wound healing and the development of embryos.

Collagen Type 10 is another form vital to bone and joint health making it similar to Type 2 collagen.

People suffering from chronic muscle pain can experience great relief by taking collagen on a regular basis.

Why Take Collagen?

If you are considering a collagen supplement is it likely for two primary reasons: improve physical appearance or better joint health, or both. To improve physical appearance by taking a collagen supplement with all five forms you are fueling your body with vital components to encourage your body to produce extra protein.

Joint pain is highly disruptive and can cause a decrease in performance and overall quality of life. Taking a collagen supplement with all five forms give the individual confidence that they are taking in all necessary forms for joint health. While simply taking one type will give you joint health benefits, combining all three amps ups the collagen available in your body at once.

Final Thoughts

There are a few red flags you should take note of if you are concerned your collagen production has slowed down. The skin will become more lose, fine lines and wrinkles will appear, joints may become more painful, and dry patches will develop. Because each of these signs is affected by individual types, it is important to take in a variety of collagen Types I, II, III, V, and X to ensure you are tackling each issue.