How To Maintain Healthy Skin Throughout Your Lifetime

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The summer months are the perfect time to evaluate how you care for your skin.

While UV rays can bring that stunning sun-kissed look to your skin, they can also cause some forms of cancer and make your skin age faster.

While extended sun exposure is one of the largest culprits of poor skin health, there are many other steps you should take to protect and care for your skin. Start on your path to improved skin health with these tips.

Skin care for healthy, vibrant and young-looking skin

Limit sun exposure

No one wants to stay inside all summer long to protect their skin. Being outdoors is one of the best aspects of summertime so don’t miss out, but play it smart with your skin health in three key ways.

  1. Wear sunscreen: when you’ll be outside for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time, apply 30 SPF or above to protect your skin. Lower SPF protection only covers the top layers of your skin and allows for sunburn and damage to penetrate the lower levels of your skin.
  2. Seek shade: whenever you can, get under a tree, umbrella or other shade source. The less direct sunlight you exposure your skin to over the course of your lifetime, the better.
  3. Wear protective clothing: clothes can provide the ultimate UV protection. For those who work outdoors or are unable to avoid extended periods of sun exposure, you should consider investing in protective clothing designed to keep your body protected from harmful UV rays. Protective clothing can do an even better job of protecting your skin than sunscreen can.

Avoid smoking

Smoking narrows the blood vessels within your skin, which contributes to making your skin look older and more tired due to decreased oxygen and blood flow. When the blood can’t freely flow throughout your skin, it deprives the skin of crucial vitamins and nutrients. Without the proper nutrients, your skin dries out and ages quickly.

Additionally, when you smoke your skin has less elastin and collagen, which makes your skin less elastic and resilient to daily life. It can’t bounce back from things like smile lines as easily without these important nutrients. You then must welcome wrinkles from everyday activities, such as around your lips from pursing them.

The best thing to do for your skin is to quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke whenever you can to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

Give your skin the care it needs

Skin care is something many people don’t think about. Nourishing and treating your skin should be as commonplace as brushing your teeth and showering.

Here are some simple steps you can take to care for your skin day-in and day-out.

  1. Moisturize dry skin: the better moisture your skin has, the better it can bounce back from things. Plus, you can find moisturizers that contain SPF to protect and care for your skin during the summertime.
  2. Avoid long baths: hot water depletes your skin of moisture and oils it needs to stay healthy and vibrant. Limit your hot baths and showers to keep your skin feeling great.
  3. Use mild soap: the stronger your soap, the more it strips your skin of the moisture and oil it needs. Use mild soap to get clean but keep your skin in great health.
  4. Pat dry: when you pat your skin dry, you keep essential moisture and oils in the skin. Too much rubbing or vigorous drying can have a negative effect over time.

Skin accounts for about 15% of your body weight.

More health tips

Eat a balanced diet

Just like the rest of your body, research proves that your skin needs nourished with vitamins and nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein all contribute to good skin health. If you’re looking to promote younger looking skin, consider getting plenty of fish oil and maintaining a low level of saturated fat in your diet. The less processed foods are, the better for your skin they are.

Avoid stress

When your body is stressed, it can trigger breakouts and skin problems. Get plenty of sleep; find an outlet to diffuse stress, such as art or reading; set reasonable expectations for yourself when it comes to your to-do list; and don’t put yourself in high-drama situations where stress is unavoidable.

Did you know? The average person has about 300 million skin cells.

Clear skin starts from within

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The takeaway

The healthier your skin, the younger you’ll look and the better you’ll feel. Plus, you’ll avoid being high-risk for a variety of skin cancers. Keeping your skin looking healthy and strong is all about balance and awareness for what can wreak havoc on your skin health.