How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

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Stressing about gaining a few pounds this holiday season? You can eat healthy and stay fit with some great tips which may help keep weight off throughout christmas and new year's. Keep cortisol levels low and spirits bright when preparing for all of your holiday celebrations.

A great idea is to focus on being aware of your choices since you don't want to feel like you restricted and missed out, but you don't want to feel like you indulged in something that wasn't worth it. Let’s go through some tips on how to prepare for stress free, healthy and fun holiday celebrations.

A couple tips for a healthy holiday

Over the holidays people eat food just because it's there, even if it's not their favorite, and the next day it's not worth their pants being tighter, Well whether it’s been a few minutes since your big meal or it’s the day after Christmas and New Years, the most important thing is to get your mind right. You enjoyed your favorite holiday foods and that is okay. Don't feel guilty for enjoying a day of celebrations since it won't ruin your your diet or fitness goals.  

  • Keep tempting foods out of reach.
  • Steer clear of high caloric foods that are hidden in holiday foods.
  • Eat slower.

If you're at a party with a lot of food around, a simple strategy to prevent mindless eating is to keep it out of sight and out of arm's reach.

Eating slower has been proven to help the individual pay more attention to their fullness level and may feel more satisfied with a smaller portion

  1. Two tips are to put your fork down between bites and take your time while eating. It's not a race!

        2. Choose indulgences carefully.
It is important to be selective about what you put on your plate, especially when at a party or dinner.

1. Stay hydrated

Surprisingly, staying hydrated can make a huge difference in the type of foods you choose. It is common for feelings of thirst to be confused with hunger. It’s common for the earliest signs and feelings of thirst to be confused with hunger. Therefore, if youre not hydrated adequetly you may mistake your thirst for hunger! So drink water throughout the day to make sure you're meeting your body's hydration needs Before reaching for food, drink water. Better yet, drink water throughout the day so that you can ensure that you are meeting your body’s water needs.

2. Eat balanced meals and snacks

A balanced meal or snack is one that contains all three macronutrients: carbohyrates, fats, and proteins. Some easy tips for a balanced diet include:

  • Load up on vegetables.
  • Keep your snacks simple and smaller than a meal.
  • Look for plant based or lean animal proteins.
  • Avoid cooking methods that require excess fat and sodium, such as deep frying or cream based recipes.

3. Excersise

 Exercise doesn’t have to be hardcore at the gym to count. Start by taking gradual steps towards encorporating excersise. By slowly adding it to your routine you may find that it will help your body get back on track to feel more energized.

It only takes a couple of hours to get hungry after a big meal.

What to do if you have already eaten all of your favorite holiday foods

Interesting enough instead of your body using the extra calories from your heavy meal for later on, we start getting hungry within the next couple hours again. Unfortunately, most of our holiday foods that we have are loaded with empty calories! So now your body is still lacking and starts getting hungry for protein, vitamins, and healthy minerals that it actually needs. Too much sugar can make you bloated just like how salt affects your body and causes feelings of dehydration. So you've overeaten so much thanksgiving food without doing anything good for your body.


Don't feel bad though, we all do it. One binge won’t ruin the rest of your healthy diet. But eating too much processed sugars in your everyday diet will. Self deprivation always leads to a binge because of the constant thoughts you tell yourself that you're not allowed to have this certain food. Buying or cooking up some healthy healthier alternatives for thanksgiving foods can help a lot. Staying hydrated will help as well. Follow your next meal with healthy, nutritious foods to keep you feeling satiated.

Plan physical activities around meals and exercise however possible.
When you are likely to have a planned post-meal walk scheduled or a game of charades set, you're less likely to overeat at a meal.
So, keep moving. And shorter, higher-intensity exercises like spinning, will burn calories quickly while still fitting into tight schedules.

Beware of alcohol. It is empty calories.
Alcohol, an appetite stimulant, makes you more likely to eat more or eat things you wouldn't normally consume because your inhibitions are lowered.
If you're going to drink, you need to have something in your stomach to act as a buffer.

Save room for dessert.
If you just can't help indulging in dessert, and really during the holidays who can, be more budget conscious with starches with the rest of your meals.
Reduce the portion of your starches in your meal.

Avoid sugary drinks. Water is your friend.
Sugary drinks such as eggnog, which pack on calories without leaving you feeling very full. Instead as an alternative it is great to have unsweetened drinks like ice tea. Vodka tonics or wine work too if you decide to indulge in alcoholic beverages.

Get rid of the "all or nothing" mindset.
Moderation is a great mantra for the holiday season.

High fructose corn syrup which is hidden in many processed foods sends signals to your body to store it as fat.

Block carbs intelligently

Codeage Keto Carb Blocker is a dynamic fusion of 500mg white kidney bean, 250mg green tea and 200 mg pure cinnamon formulated to help block carbohydrate absorption into the body. It helps cut down the subcutaneous body fat buildup. Specifically designed for ketogenic and low-carb dieters looking to block carbs and give an extra boost to their fat burning process. Taking Codeage Keto Carb Blockers may block the enzyme alpha-amylase which is produced by the saliva from attaching starches and breaking it down into simple carbs the body absorbs. The food you just ate will quickly move out of the body and prevent it from absorbing any calories. The goal of carb blockers is to enable you to eat carbs and not count them as calories at all! ​​​​​​

The two main carb blockers available today are white kidney been extract and green tea (camellia sinensis). The white kidney bean works by inhibiting an enzyme which breaks specific bonds that holds starch. This is the most popular carb blocker. Green tea extract decreases starch digestion and absorption. Not only can you lose weight from taking carb blockers, you can improve your gut health as well.​​​​​​

Consistancy and balance is key

If this is not something that you normally do, gradually take small steps towards your goal. You may start with going for a light jog the afternoon or cutting down on overly processed foods. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be intense or stressful to count. Furhtermore, exercise will help your body get back on track while feeling more energized. The main takeaway is that, yes, you most likely consumed more than your body needed at your annual holiday dinner. Howevever, that also didn’t destroy your weight loss or health related goals either. One day of holiday style eating doesn’t make you unhealthy, just like one day of eating healthy doesn’t make you thin or lean. Hop back into a healthy and positive regime so that your body can recover from all of the excess food eaten this holiday season.