Whenever we follow a healthy and smart diet, we should never forget that managing your calories is one of the most important factors in losing weight. It is always a good idea to undertand how much calories you should intake a day and try to control that amount to an optimal level so you don’t overeat.

The amount of calories that you should eat per day depends on many factors. That number also relies on what are the objectives you want to achieve for your overall health and weight. There are many calories intake calculator available online which can help you better understand what should be the level of calories you should eat every day. Depending on your age, your weight, your height, the level of exercise you do and other factors, you can easily determine what should be your objective.

The next step in making sure you reduce your calorie intake is to track carefully the calories you eat during each meals and suppers. The main issue with this strategy and process is that it might be cumbersome to some. You always need to count and track what you are eating and you need to be more or less sure of the calorie value of all the ingredients you eat. This can also remove a certain pleasure when eating because you are constantly thinking about food, nutrition, calories and your own weight. Eating and feeding yourself should also be a pleasure.

Another technique which we like very much is to first start by reducing the size of the portions you eat. Usually to lose weight, we would recommend to start by cutting your portion in half. This makes it easy on you and less of a struggle to track the energetic value of each dish over time. Reducing the size of each portion by half is achievable by most of us from day one. Doing so should automatically reduces the calorie intake you consume. And if on top of that, you decide to eat healthier food, you might even an exponential effect on your diet as you reduce the amount of calories you are consuming even further. It is always a question of quantity and quality. This is a simple way to achieve a big reduction in terms of the food energetic value you consume every day.

Reducing the value of calories you eat while are the same time choosing the right diet for you can then become the best combination choice you make for your overall health. With the ketogenic diet for example, you can reduce the number of calories you eat while using this diet to bring you additional layers of benefits. Start by eating less, find the perfect diet strategy for you and the results can be exceptional!


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