The Secret To Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails Through Nutrition

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When our hair, skin and nails are visibly healthy, it can have a positive effect on our overall well-being. We all want hair that is beautiful and easy to manage, nails that are strong and healthy, and skin that is flawless. But there are a variety of factors that can cause us to experience less-than-perfect hair, skin, and nails, from vitamin deficiencies to underlying diseases.

Fortunately, the process of achieving healthier hair, skin, and nails is very simple and attainable to anyone. And it doesn’t involve buying an expensive skincare product or switching from your favorite shampoo. The secret to healthier hair, skin, and nails can be found in the nutritious foods that we eat each day.

The necessary vitamins for healthy skin, hair & nails

We all know that eating healthy can benefit our health in a number of ways. But what you may not be aware of is that eating certain foods can help to improve our outward appearance as well. There are essential vitamins and nutrients found in food that can give your hair, skin, and nails more strength, shine and vibrance. Here are a few of the beneficial vitamins and nutrients that can specifically help in these areas.

Biotin - biotin, also known as Vitamin H can be useful for hair and nail health. It is known to help reduce splitting or thinning hair and can also strengthen your weak or brittle nails. Research has shown that taking a Biotin supplement or eating foods rich in Biotin while also taking Zinc can help successfully treat alopecia, a major type of hair loss.
If you want to add more biotin to your diet naturally, you can start by eating more Bananas, eggs, lentils, beans, cauliflower, salmon and peanuts.

Omega-3 fatty acids - Omega-3 Fatty Acids are a great addition to any diet because they have so many exceptional health benefits. And if you are looking for natural ways to improve the luster and shine of your hair, Omega-3 fatty acids can also help with that. The active ingredients found in Omega-3’s are also very important components of the outermost layer of our hair’s epidermis. A healthy epidermis is made up of keratin and is also capable of holding water. This can provide your hair with plenty of strength and shine. When an individual has a deficiency in Omega-3 fatty acids, they are likely to have dry scalp issues or dandruff as a result. If you are interested in adding more foods to your diet that are rich in Omega-3’s, you can start with eggs, flaxseed, fish oil, salmon tuna, spinach, sardines, and walnuts.

Protein - A diet that is high in protein is essential when you want to improve the health of your hair and nails. That is because both are made up of an essential structural protein known as keratin which can improve the strength of your hair and nails. The best way to add more protein to your diet is to start with lean meats. You will also want to avoid any meat that contains too much fat. Another protein known as collagen can also be extremely beneficial to your hair, skin and nail health. Some foods to incorporate into your diet to improve the amount of keratin present in your hair and nails include chicken, eggs, lean red meat, low-fat dairy products, seafood, nuts, whole grains and soybeans.

Vitamin A - Vitamin A is essential for hair and scalp health. It contains a substance which is known as sebum that conditions the scalp and keeps your hair looking its best. Along with the physical improvements of your hair, Vitamin A can also help to improve your vision health and promotes a healthy immune system. Foods to try out if you want to add more Vitamin A to your diet include broccoli, cantaloupe, apricot, cheddar cheese, carrots, oatmeal, egg yolks, sweet potatoes and spinach.

Zinc - Zinc is a vital nutrient that our bodies need for a healthy immune system. It also plays a part in forming the connective tissues of the body. Some of these tissues help the body to regulate the production of new proteins that improve the health of our hair and nails. An individual who has a zinc deficiency will often have dry or brittle hair, or even thinning hair as a result.

Foods that are rich in zinc that you should add to your diet include green beans, lobster, oysters, lean beef, cashews, and soybeans.

The benefits of taking good care of our skin, hair & nails

The benefits to taking good care of your hair, skin and nails goes far beyond improving our outward appearance. Our skin is our body’s largest organ. It provides our bodies with protection, keeps our bones and muscles safe and can also help prevent us from getting sick. Our skin helps keep our body temperature at a healthy rate which can keep our organs protected. Our skin also makes its own Vitamin D when exposed to the sun which is necessary for bone health.
Our nails are very important to our overall health also. They offer important clues to our overall health based on their condition. Broken, misshapen, or discolored nails could be an indication of an infection, a nutritional deficiency, or a serious skin condition that needs to be addressed by a medical professional.
Beautiful healthy hair can provide us with plenty of confidence but taking good care of your hair can also have several healthy benefits. Making sure that your hair gets the care that it needs can help you prevent unwanted hair loss, split ends, brittle hair or dry scalp. Using the right haircare products for your specific hair type and adding the right foods to your diet that help promote strong and healthy hair can also be very beneficial.

When we take the time to care for these vital parts of our bodies, we are also helping to improve our overall health at the same time.

How does collagen help with healthy skin, hair & nails

Collagen is a protein found in the body that makes up a large percentage of our hair, skin and nails. This polypeptide is made up of amino acids such as glycine and proline which are needed to create strong connective tissues.
Collagen is very important because it provides our skin with elasticity and promotes strength for our hair and nails. Our bodies produce collagen naturally, but as we get older, the amount our bodies produce begins to decline. This can lead to dull hair with split ends, brittle nails and skin that shows wrinkles as well as other signs of aging.
An article from the Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals focused on the effects of a nutritional supplement that contained collagen peptide on wrinkles. The evidence showed that adding a collagen supplement to your diet could reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles while also improving skin elasticity and hydration.  

Amazing blend of nutrients from real, whole food

Codeage Bone Broth Collagen capsules are formulated to be an amazing blend of nutrients coming from real, whole food, including Type II collagen, generally absent in modern diets and which helps joint, gut, skin and hair health.*

Bone broth is a stock or soup base made by slowly simmering the bones of animals for 10 hours or longer with health promoting herbs and spices. Cultures have been making bone broth for as long as civilization has existed, and perhaps even longer. Our ancestors wanted to get all the nutrients they needed, and did not have access to modern technology and supplements. The easiest way to get all of their nutrients was through preparing the bones.

Tips on improve the health of our skin, hair & nails

While there are many different types of food that contain the natural ingredients, we need to keep our hair, skin and nails healthy, it’s not always possible to incorporate these foods into our busy lifestyles. If you feel that your hair, skin and nails could use a healthy boost, try taking a dietary supplement or a multi-vitamin made specifically for these areas. Look for supplements that contain beneficial proteins such as keratin and collagen for best results. You can also find lotions, shampoo, and many other beauty items that contain the same proteins as well.