Smart Mushrooms: How Smart Are They?

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Mushrooms are a vegetable, even though they are in the Fungi family. When some hear mushrooms, they immediately think something gross, or that there are the mushrooms that cause hallucinations. This is simply not the case. Mushrooms, in fact, are slimy, but they provide us with many nutrients that are vital to living. Today, the smart mushrooms are what we are covering. You’ll be educated on the benefits of eating smart mushrooms and the benefits of taking smart mushroom supplements.

The lion's mane

Suddenly, we begin hearing about this mushroom called, “Lion’s Mane.” In the news media, the newspapers, on certain tv shows, this “smart” mushroom keeps popping up. What is this mushroom and what can it do for us? The Lion’s mane is a “smart mushroom.” It is a white, large, and shaggy looking mushroom that looks like a lion’s mane as it grows in life. It is grown naturally on dead trees in the temperate forests. They’re mostly found in North America. The lion’s mane is used often in Asian countries, especially China. These mushrooms can be eaten raw, cooked, in tea, or dried. These mushrooms are also seafood as far as the flavor goes.

The Lion’s Mane has been enjoyed for many years and has also been known to help improve your mental capabilities, mental clarity, focus, improve nerve functions, and regenerate nerves. This mushroom has been used by people who have memory loss and those suffering from age related memory loss as well. Some say that there is a substantial improvement after eating the mushrooms.

They are safe to eat and they have been known to contain supportive assets that fight many cancers. They also contain benefits for your brain and nervous system. Additionally, they contain immune system strengtheners, have no side effects and are edible. The Lion’s Mane can also protect and promote healthy nerve cells in your brain and nervous system. They boost your mood and help you concentrate too. The main benefits of the “smart mushroom” are its cancer fighting benefits.

Lion's mane mushrooms contain 20% of protein.

Benefits of smart mushrooms

A study was done in 2011, in which pieces of Lion’s Mane were given to mice, the result was that Lion’s mane pieces were actually attacking tumors that were implanted into the mice. Lion’s mane did not show anything toxic in the mice. These mushrooms have also been known to block stomach cancer cells from growing and kill leukemia cells in a sample culture as well. They keep cancer cells from growing and moving elsewhere.

Besides these bountiful benefits, Lion’s mane also keeps your brain healthy, they support your immune system and help prevent cancer and other diseases. Need a mood booster? Lion’s mane can assist with that also. Lion’s mane helps decrease inflammatory processes in your body. In Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, Lion’s mane has been said to slow these diseases down dramatically.

The Lion’s mane helps the aging process as well. The “smart” mushrooms are a known antioxidant, protecting your body from damage due to aging and diseases, regulating your blood by lowering the effects of sugars, can help lower blood pressure, has digestive healing benefits, boost immunity, and fights off cancer.

It may become difficult to find these mushrooms in grocery stores because of the shelf life and most stores do not order huge amounts of these mushrooms regularly. Some websites suggest growing your own Lion’s mane mushrooms, however, for most of us, it's not that easy. If this is the situation, there are always other options to getting these beneficial nutrients. There are smart mushrooms supplements on the market today.

The easy and cheaper route to make sure you’re getting these benefits are to supplement the mushrooms with pills.

The power of nature for your mental health

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