Summertime and the holidays are often the best periods of the year to become more active. It’s a fantastic occasion to gradually go back to a healthier rhythm or bring your fitness to another levels. With a warmer weather and less rain, we tend to spend more time outside. We can exercise more and generally be more active. It is a good time to learn back our best habits, explore new ones and get stronger. Summer is a time to go towards a better physical health.

As always, when one tries to break their bad habits and adopt new ones, a good trick is often to go slow. By making small and gradual changes, it is easier to make those decisions long lasting and permanent. Trying to do too much at once and from the get go can be counterproductive. Many people suggests that the best way to get motivated is to set for yourself some achievable goals and reaching them. This way, you don’t lose hope by stretching yourself too far and never accomplishing what you originally wanted. Another way to do it is to not encumber yourself with targets that have to be followed. Simply take it slow by simply making some small and unaccounted changes everyday. For example, decide to wait more time between meals, eat less bread, one dish less, walk a mile a day or make any other small changes that you can actually do without too much efforts. Slowly but surely you can push yourself and your limits and the summertime is the best moment to do so.

Codeage - walking does wonder exercise
Simply walking can make wonders

Going back to daily physical exercise will also greatly help. We could even say that it’s also a must for a balanced and healthy life (the same applies to mental health exercises). Going to the gym will push your body and brain to be more attentive to what you do. Simply start walking 30 minutes to one hour everyday and then add more activities as you enjoy free time during your holidays. Go for a run, swim couple of laps or play a sport such as tennis or golf. The idea is maximizing movements throughout your day and not be idle any longer. We have been created to move and being active and our modern sedentary life is not healthy for us. We need to force ourselves to be more active everyday to reduce diseases and have a chance to remain healthier for longer period of times.

As soon as you start to reach a point where you find yourself in a better shape, you can think of dieting more actively and modifying your food regimen in a more substantial manner. What you eat has often more impact on how you look and how much you weight than the number of hours of physical exercise you do weekly. Exercising is great and important on many levels. But what you eat and the quality of the ingredients you consume will seriously impact you. If this doesn’t match the sports and activities you do, you will not get as healthy and fit as you could if you had the right balance. Eating better, with less quantity and in a certain harmony is absolutely primordial.

Codeage - Ingredients, nutrition and health
The quality of the ingredients we consume is primordial

Different diets are great for different people in diverse situations. We often like the ketogenic diet as we believe it can be one of the healthiest and smartest diet in many instances. Everyday, more and more scientific studies are finding a large list of benefits to the ketogenic diet and bringing the body to ketosis.

The right diet and nutrition can be the key to remain healthier for longer periods of time. It can also help with sickness prevention and with other challenging diseases. Protecting and curing yourself through food is today one of the best health and wellness options you have for many situations. In any case, your diet and nutrition has to be intelligent if one wants to be healthy in a sustainable way.

As the summer ends and we go back to our routines, it’s crucial to bring some of the changes we made during the holidays at home. We can try to keep these new habits for the rest of the year. Beginnings are always the hardest and if you’ve already made a conscious efforts to make some changes and worked at it, it would be a shame to sell yourself short by not continuing to do so. Help, guidance and a little motivation boost from time to time can make wonders when needed in order to stay on track.