Ketosis is not a diet, it is a natural metabolic state. Our ancestors were routinely in ketosis, as they did not have access to food 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Sometimes they fasted or had limited food supplies and naturally went into ketosis. Babies are born in a mild state of ketosis and mother’s milk is naturally high in fat. Ketosis is a natural state and we need to relearn it and integrate it in our lives.

Dieting is not a necessary part of life. Mindful eating is. Eat things that you know are good for you and make you feel good. If you can avoid it, don’t eat things you know are not supporting your mind and body. Supplement as you feel is necessary in collaboration with your healthcare support team. In other words, keep it simple.

The goal is not to diet but to leverage ketosis and the metabolic flexibility it gives you to enhance your life and vitality. We all lead very different lives and have very different histories, so the way we use any approach to health should be unique to us and should change through time. Keep learning and teaching your body to be flexible through ketosis and other healthly approaches to life such as physical activity.

Too often we see supplementation and dieting as replacements for a sensible approach to health. We try to replace one lifestyle with another that we feel will solve everything. Rather, we should trust our instincts, learn to listen to our bodies, and let Codeage help in the process.

The modern world is complex. The nutrients traditionally found in food are not as dense as they used to be. We have made changes to our environment and our lifestyles without knowledge of the long-term consequences for health. For a while we did not have a lot of tools at our disposal to improve the odds in our favor. This is starting to change.

Ours is the age of the code. Computer code is now everywhere and changing all facets of our lives. Artificial intelligence does not look like the old visions of robots or thinking computers. Instead it offers technologies that enhance and speed up human activity and creativity.

Codeage’s goal is to do the same thing for your health by leveraging new information related to health and metabolism to make you live better and longer. We are not selling a perfect diet or a single approach to life. We are in the business of providing optimization tools you can use to enhance the way you live.