We often hear about the ketogenic diet and the benefits ketosis can have on ourself but we rarely discuss about the main agent of its mechanism, the ketone bodies (or ketones). To better understand this type of low-carb diet and the additional role nutritional supplements can play in it, we need to better understand what are ketones. We can also analyze how we can use them intelligently to achieve the health and wellness benefits we are looking such as weight loss or renewed energy.

Ketones are molecules that are produced by the liver from fatty acids. They can be produced by our body when we spend a lot of time without eating or fasting. Ketones are also produced when we follow a low-carb diet or with prolonged physical exercise efforts. They are the result of not having enough sugar or glucose in our body to cover our energy needs. When the level of glucose is low, insulin levels are also usually low. This force the fat which is released by the body to travel to the liver where it is transformed into ketone bodies.

How we use uses ketone bodies

Our body can use ketone bodies as fuel for the heart, the brain and several muscles. They can replace glucose as a source of energy. In our everyday life, our body naturally produces a certain level of ketones (usually around 1 mg/dl). When we place ourselves in a situation where our bodies produces more ketones that it consumes, we are in a state of ketonemia and ketonuria. Those two states are usually referred as ketosis, a state that can also be reached through a proper ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet

A ketogenic diet is a different nutritional approach that focuses on reducing the amount of carbohydrates we eat, consume small amounts of protein in our diet and increase the level of good, healthy fat in our body. By following this regimen and with the right help, you can bring your body to ketosis. Codeage offers a full line of nutritional supplements to help people reach and manage their ketogenic diet.

Ketosis can also play an important role for our brain and mind. Studies have shown that the brain and its neuron cells can function with greater efficiency when they use ketones as their source of energy instead of traditional sugar. A study showed ketones bodies as a therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease.

Everyone of us has different health and wellness objectives. We should look for the one that is the most effective and convenient for us. It is important to be able to follow the diet properly and consistently to ensure we will get useful results. Different diets will lead to different results depending on the situation and the person doing it. The ketogenic diet is a class of its own as it brings the body to a different framework. It turns the body into a fat burning machine and can offer a number of benefits for a large number of uses.

We constantly see how new research show additional benefits for the brain and body.


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