The Top Fitness Trends For A Healthy And Athletic 2019

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What is in store for 2019 in the fitness sector? Group training is a lot more popular than individual training and HIIT training is still at the top.

For every new year, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) predicts the trends and trends that will lead the fitness industry worldwide in the coming year. Last week, the organization published the results of its 2019 survey, which was based on the opinion of 2,000 professionals from the world's sports and health fields, with a number of surprises compared with last year's survey. If you chose a workout you love to do at least 3-4 times a week, you will not even feel like you are working out. Let's take a look at the variety of fitness trends this year. From yoga to HIIT training, you can choose from plenty of workouts to try and see the one you like the most.

The new trends

A technological generation
After leading the list of prominent trends in 2016 and 2017 and falling to third place in 2018, the "wearable technologies" trend returned to the top of the list this year. Modernization and technology are occupying every possible peak, and this year they also occupied the field of fitness. Technology is often found to encourage a sedentary lifestyle, but applications to create training programs, smart watches and pedometers connect the technology audience to the world of fitness and movement so we are most definitely welcoming this trend!

The more the merrier
After appearing on the list of the top 20 trends in 2017, the group training trend reached second place this year! According to the American Sports Medicine Association, "group training" can be any practice of five or more participants and encourages motivation amongst the members. This training method allows the exercisers to use minimal equipment and thus make training more accessible.The group element creates a social experience, social ties and social commitment, all of which are important factors in creating perseverance among trainees, in creating positive experiences in coaching, and as an encouraging and pushing factor during training. Himself, especially among the competitive among us. "

HIIT training is here to stay!
High-intensity interval training or HIIT, which led the list last year, dropped to third place this year. The training found in the leading trio in recent years, including a short but intense activity (30 minutes) that combines aerobics and strength, followed by a short break for recovery and so forth.In addition, due to the intensity and the high pulse level, the calorie burning is increased during the activity to a great extent, up to about 48 hours thereafter. Thanks to these advantages, it is understandable why this year, too, this training will continue to be a central component of the training routine of many trainees.

There are ways to naturally boost your energy and sustain it through your day that don’t come with a caffeine crash.

Running, cycling and swimming are all solitary ways to burn a lot of calories in a relatively short amount of time.

More fitness trends for you to try

Fitness programs for elderly
In fourth place, it should be said that in this year's ranking, with five places higher than last year's rating, are fitness programs for the elderly. Exercise in an elderly age is the ultimate way to add vitality to the years.Moving the joints, strength training, training to improve cardio, fitness and balance lead to the maintenance of ranges of movement, strengthening the muscles of the body, reducing the risk of falling, improving cognitive functions and, most importantly, performing daily activities efficiently, with vitality and full functional independence.

Bodyweight training
Fifth place, with a drop of one place in the rankings, came from the trend of "body weight training". These exercises, which combine exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, etc. do not require the use of special accessories and use the body to create resistance.

When the body & soul meet exercise
The category that entered the top ten fitness trend for the first time this year is ‘Exercise is Medicine’, or in a free translation of "exercise as medicine". "This is an important and significant entry that reflects the work and the great investment that has been made in recent years in instilling physical activity as a central factor in the prevention and treatment of diseases.The research evidence accumulated over the years suggests that physical activity is a preventive protective factor, as well as a therapeutic factor in almost all known, common and mild conditions such as overweight, diabetes, cancer, muscle, skeletal or nerve damage.

Last & my personal favorite- YOGA
Continuing from our previous trend, yoga is where the mind, body and soul are one. Whether you are doing an intense Bikram yoga class or dong a beginners Vinyasa yoga class each one focuses on muscles that will strengthen your core, calm your mind, and stretch your body to become fully immersed in a class that is healthy in every form.

Kickstart your metabolism into high gear

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The takeaway

These are just a couple of workouts you can try to do at your local gym or at home. There are of course a wide variety of fitness trends you can find near you or online. Trying something new may be hard for some of us, but try one of these trends and see if you like them, if not try another one. You will eventually find the perfect workout and it will be part of your daily routine.

So basically kids, find a buddy or a few, get in touch with your mind and body and allow yourself to breathe deeply and work hard! Enjoy 2019!