What Is Lemon Water & What Is Its Benefits

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Not only can lemon add a refreshing twist to your water, there are also numerous health benefits associated with drinking it.

Lemon water is a popular morning beverage, and can help improve mood, energy levels, immune system and metabolic health. Lemons are chock full of healthy vitamins, and drinking lemon water is an easy way to get your daily dose of these essential nutrients. Lemons have more health benefits than any other fruit in the citrus family, making them a great addition to your diet. Drinking lemon water every day is a simple way to boost overall health.

How to add lemon water to your diet

Lemon can be diluted in any type of water, however lukewarm water seems to work best as it has the added benefit of aiding in flushing the digestive system. The amount of lemon you use depends on your personal preference, and this drink can be enjoyed either cold or hot. While lemon juice is extremely beneficial for your health, it is important to remember to dilute the lemon in water in order to avoid harming tooth enamel. You can reap the benefits of lemon water by drinking half of a lemon to a full lemon diluted in water per day. When making lemon water, it is best to use fresh lemons rather than artificial lemon from a bottle.

Recently, lemon water has become extremely popular among health-conscious consumers looking for an easy way to reap the health benefits of lemon juice. It has also become a common drink of choice among people dieting, as it can amp up the flavor of regular water while providing less calories than sugar-sweetened beverages like soda and processed fruit juice.

Lemons have a sour taste to them, this is due to the fact that lemon juice contains about 5-6% citric acid.

Health benefits of drinking lemon water

One great health benefit of lemon water is that it can aid in weight loss. Lemon water is a great replacement for higher calorie drinks, and adds a refreshing and tangy twist to your water. since a whole glass of lemon juice is less than 25 calories, it is a great, healthy option. It also helps boost metabolism and is a mild diuretic, all of which can help you lose weight.

Lemon water can act as a natural detox, especially when consumed in the morning or after meals. The citric acid found in lemons helps naturally flush unwanted toxins out of the body by enhancing the function of the liver. Lemon can help balance the pH levels in your body, which can help eliminate problems such as acid reflux and nausea.

Lemon water alone will not cause dramatic weight loss, however increased metabolism along with these other benefits can help you lose more weight overall. In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine, drinking lemon water can enhance success with a fitness routine. Pectin and polyphenols, which are found in lemons, contain appetite-suppressing qualities which can reduce hunger and help people feel more full. This helps prevent overeating and increase weight loss.

Lemon water can also help flush toxins out of the body. The vitamins and potassium found in lemon juice give your immune system a boost. This can help you avoid sickness or fight off any existing infections easier. Because some people don’t enjoy drinking water on its own, adding lemon to water can help you drink more, increasing hydration. It can also help you feel less bloated, relieve constipation and allow your body to detoxify naturally. Lemon water acts as a mild diuretic, and it might cause you to use the bathroom more often. This can actually be beneficial, and can assist the urinary tract in effectively clearing out any unwanted toxins.

Vitamin C found in lemons may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke and lower blood pressure. Vitamin C and antioxidants also boost collagen production, which encourages healthy skin growth, leading to brighter and clearer skin and may help reduce skin wrinkling, dry skin from aging and damage from the sun. Antioxidants are also linked to anti-aging properties. Drinking lemon water can aid in stopping collagen fibers from breaking down in the skin, which is what causes wrinkles and makes the skin look aged.

Another great benefit of lemon water is that it can effectively boost energy levels without the caffeine crash that comes with coffee and other similar drinks. Because our bodies get energy from the atoms and molecules in foods like lemons, when it enters your digestive tract the result is a natural increase in energy levels. Additionally, the scent of lemon has been shown to reduce stress levels and help improve mood.

Even the leaves of a lemon tree can be used to make tea and in the preparation of cooked meats and seafoods.

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The takeaway

Studies have even shown that lemon water can be beneficial in helping treat kidney stones. It appears most effective when used in conjunction with traditional therapy, but may also be useful as an alternative treatment.

Overall, drinking lemon water is a beneficial practice to add to your daily routine. Getting into the habit of drinking lemon water everyday is a great way to increase your health and wellness, leading to increased vitality.