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What Makes Chia Seeds So Nutritional?

Category: Health  

Chia seeds pack a big punch in a tiny package. Taking a first look at these tiny seeds you'd be surprised to think that they are packed with so much nutritional value! Chia seeds benefits are an awesome source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, iron, and calcium! Incorporating chia seeds products in moderation will give you a number of health benefits. Chia seeds are a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids which cannot be made by the body. These seeds are beneficial in reducing cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, and promoting weight loss. Luckily there are a variety of great chia products that will easily provide you with all its health benefits.

6 Benefits of consuming chia seeds

Chia seeds are not only a healthy fat but also a great source of fiber. It is no misconception for that fiber is essential in your health diet.

Fiber is essential in keeping your digestive tract running healthy. One of the many reasons chia seeds are so nutritional is because of their fiber content. It is no misconception for that fiber is essential in your health diet. Fiber is essential in keeping your digestive tract running healthy. The fiber content in chia seeds are 10.6 grams per serving. Since chia seeds have a high content of dietary fiber, they will help your digestive tract run smoothly. Fiber is usually missing in our diets. Insoluble fiber is an essential part of any diet since it helps in cleaning out the digestive tract.
Consuming enough fiber every day can:  reduce appetite, help with weight loss, stabilize blood sugar and promote gut health.

Skin repair
Chia seeds have great antioxidant properties. This may help with your skin's collagen production. Since chia seeds have great antioxidants qualities, they help fight off seventy percent of free radicals! By fighting off free radicals with it's antioxidant qualities you can boost skin repair and stimulate collagen. They are also packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin E which prevent aging of our skin cells.

Keep our hearts healthy
Chia seeds have another great quality that may contribute to maintaining a healthy heart. They are high in healthy fats including omega-3s and omega 6. They help protect our hearts by its ability to lower blood pressure, inflammation, and cholesterol.

Maintains steady insulin levels
Chia seeds lower insulin levels with with its omega-3 and 6 qualities. Why is it important to keep the insulin in our bodies steady? It's important ot keep them balanced to prevent excess fat storage. Insulin is our fat storage hormone. Chia seeds are a healthy fat, as opposed to unhealthy fats, sugars that cause a spike in our insulin levels. By consuming them through foods, they will keep our blood sugar at a steady rate and lead to weight loss. It is important to prevent the insulin in our body from spiking up to prevent excess weight gain! Consume these healthy fats and say bye to any health problems!

Energy and boosting metabolism
Because of its high content of vitamin B, chia seeds may boost your metabolism.
Vitamin B supports energy levels. Chia seeds and chia based products are also able to lower visceral adipose tissue. Visceral adipose tissue are known to cause weight gain.


Calcium content and bone strength
A single ounce or serving of chia carries almost twenty percent of your daily calcium intake! It contributes to the maintenance of bone strength. Everyone needs some in their daily diet to maintain bone and dental health. The vitamin D content in chia helps absorb calcium by the body. Chia seeds have vital nutrients to maintain the growth of your bones, muscle mass, and teeth!


Chia seeds have various amounts of health benefits which will result in weight loss while lowering inflammation throughout your body.

Gluten and grain free naturally

Chia seeds are also gluten, grain free and have as much calcium as a glass of milk! Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and spelt. For many they are a cause of various health issues. Gluten may cause digestive and immune problems. For example, gluten sensitivity results in difficulty digesting gluten. Furthermore, they are a great food to consume if you diet is gluten or grain free. In addition to its powerful nutritional value they also offer a wide range of texture to your diet.

A revolution in probiotics

Codeage SBO Probiotic + is an all-in-one digestive support and immune system supplement specifically formulated to support healthy nutrient absorption, digestion, microbial balance and a healthy immune system. Those probiotics are specially designed for both men and women.
Probiotics are known to supports healthy gut function, digestive health, the immune system function and a healthy GI tract. Probiotics also support normal microflora (ultimate flora probiotic) during normal digestion.

To sum it all up for you

Chia seeds as listed above have numerous qualities that may benefit your overall health. Organic chia seeds are filled with omega-3 fatty acids, loads of antioxidants, as well as fiber and iron. So add some chia to your diet to take advantage of their rich nutrients. In addition to its powerful nutritional value they also offer a wide range of texture to your diet. To better access and release their powerful enzymes you can consume chia seeds in many products or by even by grinding them or soaking them in water. They are packed with so many valuable vitamins and minerals which will help your digestion.