What New Health Trends To Look Out For In 2020

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As our culture becomes more health conscious and becoming better at advocating for our own health trends begin to develop.

It seems each year there are new health trends and many of them are food and nutrition related. Nearing the end of 2019 we can begin to see some of the potential trends that will be popular in 2020.

Potential Top Trends for 2020:
• Plant-based, burgers specifically
• Non-processed snacks (refrigerated)
• Gut Health

Plant-Based Burgers (and other foods):

The concept of plant-based burgers and other meat alternatives is certainly nothing new. As we close out 2019, however, it seems this trend is just picking up speed. Plant-based burgers have generally always been available at most fine-dining establishments, but they are becoming more available at fast-food type restaurants. This is a sure sign that the plant-based trend is not slowing down.

Jumping on the meat alternative train shouldn’t be done lightly, but with some considerations. Always check the nutrition on these burger replacements as some manufacturers may pack in sodium, sugar, and potential allergens to make up for taste and texture.

There are certainly health benefits of replacing animal proteins with plant-based alternatives. Replacing high-fat animal proteins with plant-based protein may be a beneficial step in your health, especially for those prone to high cholesterol.*

Soy was traditionally the ideal plant-based protein, but it is becoming a top food allergen which might cause a significant drop in its being used in these food types. Consumers and manufacturers alike are turning to other plant proteins, like mungbean, hempseed, and quinoa.

Non-Processed Snacks / Food

Traditional snack foods that line the center aisle of the grocery store are typically loaded with refined carbohydrates, sugar, and other inflammatory ingredients. When these foods are eaten in excess, which is the case with these food-types, the body may enter a state of chronic inflammation which might lead to significant health issues.*

Consumers are taking note of the poor health outcomes their convenience food diets are creating and are turning to the refrigerated aisles for their snack foods. Most refrigerated foods are not ultra-processed and refined-carb based making them less inflammatory.

Here is a tip! Cook your food in an air fryer for delicious and nonfat meals.

Gut Health & Probiotic Supplements

Gut health has been a focus of health for the past couple of years. As 2019 closes and 2020 begins consumers are enhancing their gut health regimen through food and probiotic supplements.

Fermented foods are a significant focus of beneficial gut-bacteria. During the fermentation process, good bacteria (probiotics) may be able to grow and flourish uninhibited. When they are ingested they might be able to enter the gut and help replenish the microflora contained within it.*

Some of the best sources of dietary probiotics include

  • Kimchi – Spicy Korean fermented cabbage that can be consumed individually or as a topping to just about any food.
  • Sauerkraut – The American version of Kimchi, without the spice, made from cabbage and salt. It contains a high amount of good bacteria and fiber, both of which are vital to gut health.
  • Kombucha – A tangy and sour tea, either black or green, rich in bacteria and yeast.
  • Kefir – A fermented milk, like yogurt but drinkable, rich in probiotics and calcium. It can be consumed alone or in smoothies.
  • Tempeh – Made from soybeans that have been naturally fermented. It is also a plant source of complete protein, which contains all essential amino acids.
  • Miso – This is a fermented paste which has been made from either rice, soybeans, or barley. It is traditionally added to dishes to enhance flavor and simultaneously improve gut health.
  • Yogurt – This well-known fermented food is providing you with more than a quick breakfast or snack. Yogurt labeled as having “Live & Active Cultures” will provide around 100 million beneficial bacteria for each gram. Yogurts that are not labeled in this way will still provide probiotics. When choosing a yogurt always check the added sugar content with an ideal amount being less than 10 grams, otherwise you are simultaneously feeding the bad bacteria.

We are becoming progressively more aware of the gut's connection to good health overall. A diet focused on gut health may have the potential to lead to improved immunity, increased energy, enhanced performance, weight management, improved digestion, and overall enriched health.*

Foods high in probiotics might help replenish a healthy microflora.

Fermented Digestive Enzymes

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Final Thoughts

These trends will likely grow throughout 2020, but others are sure to arise as well. As with any new health trend it is always important to speak to a healthcare professional before jumping on the band-wagon. There are important health concerns to consider and not every health trend is universally beneficial for everyone. Working on your overall health this coming year, physical – mental – emotional, is a great goal and if new trends can help you reach that goal they may be worth integrating.