White Bean Extract: How Do They Work In Blocking Carbs

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Pasta fazool. To many, it is the hearty Italian comfort food dish referenced in the Dean Martin rendition of the song “ That’s Amore.” To others, it’s an easy recipe to cook up on chilly fall nights. However, no matter which it is to you, there’s no doubt of one thing, it’s a great source of white kidney bean extract.

We know and love white kidney beans for their distinctive taste and meaty consistency, but what many of us may not know is that white kidney bean extract is an effective carbohydrate blocker as well.

What is a carb blocker and how do they work?

Carb, or starch blockers, are often sold as weight loss pills, yet they behave differently from most weight loss pills on the market. Rather than speeding metabolism or serving as an appetite suppressant, carb blockers prevent carbohydrates from entering the digestive system by blocking the enzymes needed to digest them. They can be categorized as weight loss supplements because they allow individuals to eat carbohydrates without some of the unwanted calories.

Digestible carbs come in one of two types: simple and complex. Simple carbs can be found in fruit, milk, and flavored yogurts. Complex carbs are the ones found in what we usually refer to as “white foods” and are often advised to avoid. These include potatoes, rice, bread, and pasta. Complex carbs are really just simple carbs linked together to form chains. When we digest food, complex carbs need to be broken down into simple carbs in order to be absorbed. This is the job of the enzyme, alpha-amylase. Carb blockers inhibit some of the alpha-amylase enzymes used to break down the complex carbs into simple carbs. By doing so, carbs can pass through the large intestine without contributing calories or raising blood sugar.

Kеtоѕіѕ mеаnѕ thаt the body hаѕ gоnе frоm using carbohydrates as its ѕоurсе оf fuеl to stored burned fats-almost exclusively.

On any given day, the average person consumes upwards of 225 grams of carbohydrates a day!

How does white bean extract work as a carb blocker?

White bean extract, otherwise known as Phaseolus Vulgaris, is the supplement sourced from white kidney beans typically marketed effectively marketed as a carbohydrate blocker. Research published in Nutrition Journal in 2011 shows that white bean extract blocks starch digestion by “completely blocking access to the sight of the alpha-amylase inhibitor” and can result in “weight loss when taken concurrently with meals containing carbohydrates.” Better nutrition.

One rare of its kind clinical trial conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of white bean extract was published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences in 2007. The study involved sixty slightly overweight people whose weights had been relatively consistent over the six months. For a period of thirty days, the participants were split into two groups. One of which was given 445 milligrams of white bean extract, the other a placebo. Both were asked to take it right before eating a high carb meal.

At the end of the thirty days, the group given the white bean extract reported a greater reduction of fat, body weight, and waistline size as compared to those who were given the placebo.

Block carbs intelligently

Codeage Keto Carb Blocker is a dynamic fusion of 500mg white kidney bean, 250mg green tea and 200 mg pure cinnamon formulated to help block carbohydrate absorption into the body. It helps cut down the subcutaneous body fat buildup. Specifically designed for ketogenic and low-carb dieters looking to block carbs and give an extra boost to their fat burning process.

The two main carb blockers available today are white kidney been extract and green tea (camellia sinensis). The white kidney bean works by inhibiting an enzyme which breaks specific bonds that holds starch. This is the most popular carb blocker. Green tea extract decreases starch digestion and absorption. Not only can you lose weight from taking carb blockers, you can improve your gut health as well.

Taking Codeage Keto Carb Blockers may block the enzyme alpha-amylase which is produced by the saliva from attaching starches and breaking it down into simple carbs the body absorbs. The food you just ate will quickly move out of the body and prevent it from absorbing any calories. The goal of carb blockers is to enable you to eat carbs and not count them as calories at all!


Preparation and dosage

White bean extract is widely available for purchase online and can in many natural food stores specializing in dietary supplements. While they are most commonly found in tablet form, they are also available in powders which can be mixed into smoothies and juices. Generally, carb blockers are taken in two doses, one before lunch and the other before dinner. The standard recommended dose is between 500 to 850 milligrams and is not to exceed 2,000 milligrams per day.