Codeage Codectibles


Discover a series of Codectibles.

Codeactibles are unique objects, products, and sometimes figurines that you may receive when buying certain types of Codeage products.


Codeage codectibles items


Add new perspectives to your health regimen.

Codectibles were created in order to add an addition dimension to the pursuit of better health and wellness. Codectibles remind us of the importance of pampering ourselves and the need for consistency in all the health choices we make.



To each their own.

Each Codectibles is created with a formula and product in mind. These Codectibles have their own unique story and personality. Each of them can associate to one of our codes.

Codectibles are created on an ongoing basis. Discover them on our website or get surprised with them when you receive a product.


From Codeage with love






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