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How to practice mindfulness meditation.



Meditation is the time when a person is only with themselves and their thoughts, attentive to oneself, self-aware, connects to the subconscious and to the innermost and simplest desires as a person. This is the time when you do not think about the work, the day-to-day hassles, the routine. This is the time when the head is as clean as a white page, everything is clean and calm, a person's quality time with themselves.


One can spend a lifetime searching for happiness and not see the happiness that is really close and inside of their mind, body, and soul. A person can live a lifetime living the lives of other people and not their own. A person can have whole years of daydreaming instead of being present and mindful. All of these things, of course, stem from the routine of habit and lucky for us we have the power to change habit.


The routine of our day-to-day turns us into robots, sometimes it seems that we are acting by inertia and not by our renewed choice at any moment to do what we want for ourselves. We act according to things that society taught and "educated" to do, such as being angry, hating, irritating, coveting, suffering, not content with what we have, and many other bad habits. The result of all this is that our lives are less happy, we are not realizing the potential we have to live a good and good life. All this is due to the race of life, because of the slumber that our habits fall on us, because we do not have enough time to truly be attentive to our true selves. A positive person is someone who is aware of his own subconscious, attentive to his inner desires, happy, happy, calm, thinking logically, chooses at every moment what to do, is not influenced by others, appreciates, loves, accepts,improves, learns and knows how to spends quality time with oneself. Such a person will be happier, such a person will make better decisions, such a person succeeds in doing better and do anything they want. Such a person in any situation will be happy, such a person will know to live life in the most content way possible.



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To get to this course of happiness, each person should devote quality time with themselves, a time when one does not think about work, family, problems, a time when one thinks only of themselves as a person in the world. At this time one has to try to look at themselves from the outside, and try to see themselves within the totality of the world. When you think calmly about your life, when you cleanse your thoughts from your daily routine, this is good meditation and quality, meditation that has a positive and positive impact on your life


Meditation helps you to connect with yourself and listen to your subconscious better. Meditation helps you to make a mental calculation. Meditation helps you stay calm and think in a better and better way. Meditation helps your decision-making process to be better. Meditation improves your quality of your mind and thoughts. Stop for a moment and think about the purpose of everything you do, check whether the things you do match your goals, meditate while on the move, it is possible and it will help you feel and act better in everything.You have the power to change your habits and get out of your habitual coma, you have the opportunity to listen to your inner self and act upon it. You can stop and think while moving about the purpose of life and remain calm and happy in any situation. You can even meditate even parts of a second while doing anything and thus improve the effectiveness of everything you do. You control your own thoughts.

Meditation is a simple practice, but it’s one that seems intimidating on the surface. You should try meditating even for 5 minutes a day, every day if possible. Start small because even if you sit for five minutes, and you find that your mind wanders the whole time, you will still receive incredible benefits from meditation. You can get some nice calm music to get you into a relaxing state. Meditate in a quiet place and breathe in and out and concentrate on that. Be easy on yourself because your mind will wander and that’s ok. Your meditations will be much more productive when you gently bring your attention back.



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