Leveraging the latest findings for optimal nutritional solution.


Our story starts within the gene. We started with the core part of the human body. Each formula we create is thoroughly researched by our R&D team. Once a formula has been developed, we create our vitamins with premium ingredients. For us, a vitamin is more than just combining premium ingredients, it's about providing our customers the perfect end to end experience.


Here at Codeage we get access to the most effective ingredients on the planet. Our ingredients are Non-GMO and 100% natural. Our products are made in the USA in a cGMP facility.

Due to our strong relationship with our supplier, we work hand in hand to develop quality formulas. Our supplier also provides unique proprietary ingredients for each product we create. They work with the industry’s best flavor chemists and make our unique products taste great and easy to take!


Here at Codeage we leverage the latest technologies for your health. Our primary focus is providing quality and safety while developing a product that best meets the needs of our customers.

Our formulas and packaging are top of the notch. We work with direct herbal supplement development services to provide our customers with complete transparency. Each final product is of the highest quality and safe for our customers.

Our Platinum Multi Collagen Peptides for example is formulated with 5 different sources of collagen for better absorption and contains the 5 essential types of collagen for the body. We have also incorporated biotin, keratin, Vitamin C & B6, hyaluronic acid, niacin and zinc for an ultra premium, all-in-one power solution for those who demand only the best.

Put nature to work

The use of traditional healing foods available today is very important when creating our formulas. Plants are nature's medicine. We strongly believe that using natural ingredients can aid in healing your body. We do not hide any ingredient that we use in our products, each ingredients is specified on each product page. It is no secret, you will know exactly what you are feeding your body with.


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