A physical, mental & spiritual practice.



Yoga is an ancient tradition that developed and matured in magical India 5,000 years ago. It is possible to find written references and art objects that have been hinting at this since 2,000 BC. The meaning of Yoga by Sanskrit is 'union' or 'connection' , that is, a connection between the body and the soul. This is a physical activity based on an ancient Indian philosophy that believes in a higher power, a tremendous and universal energy that helps us in our way, specifically in our way of life.


In addition to the built-in psychological benefits, yoga has physical medical properties. The muscles are strengthened and shaped, the way of life changes and becomes healthier. Body and mind influence each other and form the basis for a relaxed and happy life. The connection between this powerful power and the human psyche provides liberation and physical and mental strength - a solid foundation for a life of self-fulfillment, peace and true happiness.


Practice- Each person have their own abilities and efforts and you practice each day to get better. Every person must also know his limits. Whoever practices needs to know when to stop and when to make an effort. Too much effort will not contribute and even detract from the positive goal that you are looking to achieve. It is also important to ensure consistent practice. Yoga has a 'cumulative' effect, that is, proper exercise 3-4 times a week, will show its signs of excelling within a short time frame. The person practicing will feel calmer and stronger. You will feel that you know yourself better and loves yourself fully. Our connection with ourselves and our bodies contributes significantly to our activity and success.

Relaxation- The crazy pace of life, the dreary work and running after the clock pressures us frequently, which is not good for our mind, body and soul. Stress is the main cause of severe chronic diseases. During Yoga activity, there is a focus on relaxation. This means that throughout yoga, there are exercises for muscle contraction and relaxation. Relaxation is both physical and mental. An important thing that links us to the next important principle.

Breathing- The only time in our lives that we breathe properly is when we are infants , pure children. So, the breathing is natural, the diaphragm and the abdomen are part of the task just as it should be throughout our lives. The process of adolescence brings with it the familiar pressures, worries and anxieties makes our breathing shorter, superficial. Yoga brings us back, to the days when we breathed in, that we did not yet know the difficulties of life. The correct, rhythmic, full breathing immediately affects our mental and cognitive state. In the power of proper breathing, to change our mood from one end to the other, as long as we do it correctly. Breathing also affects our concentration, our physical posture. A person who is aware of his breathing will not be easily angry, will have a gentle peace of mind to accompany them on their way. You will be more emotionally stable and more pleasant to the world. The skill of breathing and relaxation is acquired in every yoga practice, on any subject and it changes your practice significantly.

Positive Thinking- Our thoughts have a direct effect on our mood and our physical condition.. During all physical activity, the mind and body embrace the breath, the action of the heart, our beings as a living and breathing body. Thanking life for everything we have, carrying a silent prayer in our hearts to someone - to God, to ourselves, to another higher power that we can not always understand. This recognition immediately creates a more positive, relaxed mind. Which affects our proportion and perspective in life. The more you can accept the other, the different the more your heart welcomes others. It is a kind of devotion to body and life. Self love and love for all. Of course, there are people who carry many negative charges that are difficult to repel during yogic activity. These people are recommended to strengthen themselves by prayer or meditation and self-exploration.

Nutrition-Yoga instructs its students to consume mostly plant products before a yoga practice. Not necessarily because of the ideological reasons that drive vegetarianism, but because of the ease with which our bodies digest these products.



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Yoga has many currents - Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinny, Holistic, Power, Kundalini, Kripalo and Shivananda. But they all have one common denominator, all of them have the same foundations and principles.


First thing is first, get a good teacher learn how to do the positions correctly. See how you feel and if it makes you feel amazing then it should be an integral part of your week. Yoga is a great activity for you if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. It gives you strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness.There are many types of yoga, from the peaceful hatha to the high-intensity power yoga. All types take your workout to a level of mind-body connection. It can help you relax and focus while gaining flexibility and strength. Yoga can also boost your mood.See what you like best and try something new



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