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Converting food into energy.



Anabolism -when energy is created and stored.
Catabolism - when energy is released.


You know that friend that eats all the chocolate chip cookie dough she want or 4 slices of pizza and has nice long legs or a six pack and wonder to yourself how does this person not gain weight and then answers well “I just have a good metabolism.” Well isn’t that fun. Having a metabolism can seem to be like a good thing but it can be an issue if you’re trying to gain weight or muscle mass.



Whether you fall under the good or bad category when it comes to metabolism, there’s only a certain degree of control you have over your body’s fat burning center. The best you can do is to engage in regular exercise and a healthy diet. Who knows, you may trick your friends into thinking you’re that genetically-blessed person. So what can you do to help it?
You can perform high intensity interval training, each foods like poultry, fish eggs nuts and beans. You can lift weight and eat small yet frequent meals, eat more protein and drink more tea. Take advantage of the hours after a workout when your metabolism is boosted. Ideally, this would be the best time to eat foods that are more calorie-dense vs nutrient-dense.


  1. Food with lots of protein!
  2. Foods that rich in iron, zinc, and selenium. These three are required for proper function of the thyroid gland which regulates one's metabolism.
  3. Chili peppers..hope you like hot foods because this may boost your metabolism by increasing the number of calories and fat you burn.
  4. That cup of joe can help increase your metabolic rate so drink that coffee honey.
  5. Tea lovers same goes for you.
  6. If you are not a tea or a coffee fan than cacao is good to so whether it’s hot chocolate or dark chocolate that may help you too.
  7. Legumes and pulses such as lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans and peanuts are high in protein and fiber and help your metabolism!
  8. That popular coconut oil is good for your metabolic rate so get on that as well.
  9. Seaweed is a great source of iodine and helps your thyroid and in return your metabolic rate.
  10. Water, water, and water. Good for your metabolism, skin hair, life etc. You get it.


Codeage Keto Burn capsules is a blend of neurotropic and adaptogen ingredients designed to support fat burn and helps you adopt a ketogenic diet along with mental performance. The key to the ketogenic diet and low carb lifestyle is to get your body to use and burn fat more efficiently which makes our keto burn the ideal supplement to support you in that effort.


When you're trying to lose weight, or maintain your current weight, you think about fats, carbs, calories, how you'll fit a workout into your schedule and, for many of us, how good a slice of that chocolate cake would taste... and maybe it's okay if we only have one bite. One important piece of the weight loss puzzle, though, is your metabolism, which you may not think about at all. When you're trying to lose those extra pounds and keep the weight off, it's good policy to understand how your body uses the food you eat. Your metabolism is the way your body processes everything you eat and drink, converting all that sugar, protein and fat into energy small lifestyle changes and incorporating these tips into your routine can increase your metabolism. Having a higher metabolism can help you lose weight and keep it off, while also giving you more energy.