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Life is a Wonderful Code.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Codeage was founded to help people live a better life through nutritional supplements. The quality of our ingredients and our large selection of unique formulas help us contribute to the well-being of people around the world. We have always dedicated ourselves to develop modern nutritional solutions. As our community evolved, Codeage extended its offerings with additional categories ranging from nutrition to beauty care. We strive to offer a unique set of experiences, and to help make life an even more wonderful adventure.

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A Commitment to Excellence.

We are deeply committed in providing excellence in both our products, and in the relationship with the communities we serve. We pride ourselves in delivering a human, attentive customer service, and are always ready to help.

We are all beautifully unique, and as such, each and everyone of us needs a specific approach to a radiant life. For this reason, we are constantly developing innovative products with new ingredients, by combining ancient techniques and modern approaches.

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A Beautiful Inside Can Be the Foundation to a Radiant Outside.

We believe that the key to achieving true beauty is also by laying a strong foundation within so we can shine inside and out.

Our ambition is to help provide a holistic environment to each of our customers. An environment where each of us can select their path. We feel the responsibility to provide a diverse set of options and a wide-range of choices. Proper beauty starts from within and can be complemented with the right solutions on the outside.

Codeage offers products and supplements in different categories such as collagen, vitamins, ketogenic diet, prebiotics, probiotics, herbs, electrolytes, unique compounds, and superfoods categories among others. Codeage also offers cosmetics, instant food solutions, and more unique products.

A Delightful Touch.

We strongly believe in the importance of caring and pampering one another. We design different types of solutions when we believe that they could provide a great fit to each other. We feel that life is better served when we use a set of advanced and modern solutions that can help us along the way. We design and create products when we think we can make a difference by offering a different take and perspective. We use different routes and offer value through innovation. We also understand that not all supplements are created equal.

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A Holistic Approach.

We believe in delivering strong value by developing different set of products in diverse categories that complement each other. We are proud of the different brands and collections we offer. Each of them have a unique identity and a particular reason of being. Based on the same set of values we share across each of our endeavors, we patiently nurture our different lines of products and experiences to make long lasting differences. Our focus is on the long-term.

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Nanofood nutrition liposomal supplements

A Belief in Technology.

As the world continuously evolves around us, we search for modern solutions to solve present challenges and opportunities. We are constantly on the outlook for new ways of providing better solutions and striking the right balance between the past and the future. Nanofood® modernizes the delivery of nutrients through the use of liposomes and liposomal formulas to offer cutting-edge nutritional products through liquid formulas. 

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Instant Food

A Better Nutrition.

The way we eat and what we eat are core components of our lives. We believe in providing modern solutions to help improve the access to whole food nutrients. It is time to help simplify our habits so we could nourish ourselves differently and feel better overall. Instantfood offers a collection of fruits and veggies nutrients formulas for those who are looking for specific whole food vitamins and adding vegetables and fruits ingredients to their day.

Amen nutrition & supplements

Our Passion for Wellness.

Our mission since inception was to follow our insatiable passion for nutrition, wellness, beauty, and health. In doing so, we hope to inspire our customers on their wellness journey with a complete approach as wellness is more than the sum of its parts. Amen® offers a collection of affordable formulas for those who are looking for specific ingredients and products.

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Faith in Beauty.

Each one of us should feel at best in their skin and enjoy their natural beauty. We offer inspiring beauty solutions to enhance our capacity of taking care of ourselves. This is important for both our internal and external well-being.

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DNAPET Animal supplements and nutrition

An Environment for Everyone.

Health, beauty, and wellness are universal rights. We believe that all human beings and living species should have access to them. This is one of the reasons why we have developed DNAPET®. We want animals to have access to modern and advanced formulas as well. We love our best friends. They are an integral part of our families. We believe in their essential role on the planet, and care to protect their unique identities.  

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A Force for Good.

We strongly believe that each one of us has an important role to play in creating a better world. As an organization, we are deeply committed to help whenever we can those who need it the most. As we continue to evolve, we strive to play a useful role in our communities and the world at large by leading or participating in activities that can be helpful to those around us.

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