Codeage Liposomal Glutathione 1000mg
Codeage Liposomal Glutathione 1000mg product formula supplement

Health, wellness, and beauty are global needs. Based in the United States, Codeage is proud to offer and distribute its products internationally through a careful selection of distributors and modern eCommerce platforms. We partner with leading companies in their respective field of expertise to help provide customers around the world our advanced nutritional and beauty solutions. 

A Case Study. 

iHerb Codeage partnership

Founded in California in 1996, iHerb has been on a mission to provide health and wellness products to people around the world for over two decades. 

Codeage is proud to be able to partner with iHerb to offer and distributes its dietary supplement solutions to many geographies and locations around the world. iHerb is today present in +185 countries and has fulfillment capabilities in several continents. With over 10MM active customers, iHerb is an ideal partner for Codeage to help market, promote, and distribute its products domestically in the United States and around the world.

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A Global Demand for Wellness Solutions.

Our world is constantly searching and developing new solutions to help people live a better life. With global aging and a better understanding of the role of nutrition, the way we eat and the nutrients we use are increasingly more important. The awareness and demand for better solutions for health, beauty, and wellness is experiencing a rapid and sustained growth. This significant shift in the way people want to nourish themselves is bound to experience several major evolutions in the next few decades. The same is true for the demand of beauty products.

Thanks to the rapid rise of e-commerce and globalization, an increasing number of individuals around the world have a better access to innovation and modern solutions. We can expect that transition to a better diet and beauty regimen to accelerate as many countries around the world are working hard to better inform their population on the importance of nutrition and consumers are on the outlook for beauty and wellness solutions. Codeage is thrilled to participate to this evolution with the help of partners that share identical values and perspectives.

Codeage offers a large selection of vitamins and other supplement products in different markets today as well as nutrition, and beauty products. Codeage offering can be unique to specific geographies based on the local demands and needs of these markets.

Our Passion for Wellness.

Based in the United States, Codeage's mission since inception is to follow our insatiable passion for nutrition, wellness, beauty, and health. We hope to inspire customers around the world on their wellness journey and are thrilled to partner with leading companies in order to do so.

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