Probiotics & prebiotics.

Codeage SBO Probiotic+ 100 billion CFUs** integrates six varied probiotic strains, encompassing soil-based organisms (SBO) and prebiotics, into one comprehensive formula. This mixture aims to foster a harmonious gut microbiome through a spectrum of ingredients known to support gut health. The inclusion of SBOs enhances the formulation's stability, whereas prebiotics serve to sustain the probiotics. This synergistic approach is crafted to meet diverse gut health requirements, thereby promoting general wellness.
Botanical blend

Fermented turmeric and ginger.

Codeage SBO Probiotic+ additionally incorporates an array of fermented botanicals, including turmeric, ginger, and turkey tail mushrooms. These prominent nutrients are recognized for their potential antioxidant properties, complementing the probiotic advantages. This combination offers a wide range of wellness benefits within a single formulation.
Botanical blend

Fermented turmeric and ginger.

100 billion CFUs.

Probiotics containing 100 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) represent some of the most potent digestive and overall health supplements. These high-strength formulations are designed to provide an extensive support system for the gut microbiome, which can play a vital role in many aspects of human health, including digestion, immunity, and even mood regulation.*

Soil-based organisms.

45-day supply

Soil-based organisms.

Codeage SBO Probiotic+ 100 billion CFUs supplement is vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Available in a convenient capsule format, it offers a 45 day supply in each bottle, making it a convenient addition to your health regimen.

This 100 billion CFU probiotic supplement is manufactured in the USA with global ingredients in a cGMP-certified facility for quality and purity.

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    Pure superiority.

    Purity and quality are paramount. Each product captures genuine, authentic essence from prime sources to ensure unmatched excellence.

    Global ingredients.

    Superior elements represent the pinnacle of nutritional excellence and are celebrated for their elevatednutritional profiles.

    Modern approach.

    Manufactured with global ingredients and blended using state-of-the-art equipment to uphold the highest standards of integrity.


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