Liquid Multivitamin for Teens with Liposomal Delivery

Liquid Multivitamin for Teens with Liposomal Delivery

It's no secret that teenagers need a lot of nutrients to grow and develop properly. They need vitamins and minerals for their bones, muscles, and skin; to maintain their vision and to support their immune system. But unfortunately, some teens might not be getting the recommended daily amounts of these nutrients from their diet alone. That's where a daily multivitamin comes in.

Today, we are happy to introduce the new Codeage Teen Daily Formula. This liquid multivitamin is designed for teenagers aged 12 to 18. Codeage multivitamin for teens comes in convenient to-use and ready-to-go sachets. 

Codeage Essential Liquid Vitamins For Teenagers with Liposomal Delivery in Daily Sachets

This multivitamin formula for teens offers essential vitamins, including vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, and E. This formula also includes biotin, zinc, pantothenic acid, and folate.

Each box of this liquid multivitamin for teenagers comes with 30 ready-to-go sachets. Children need to simply tear up the top and drink. This formula doesn't need to be mixed with water, but teens can decide to mix it with their favorite beverage.

This teen multi vitamin formula also comes with a liposomal delivery to help enhance the transport and delivery of ingredients. Liposomal vitamins are, in general, known to be better for absorption of specific nutrients.

Codeage daily multivitamin for kids supplement is manufactured in the United States. This formula is also vegan and non-GMO. This liquid teens' multivitamin is also dairy, soy, and gluten-free.

Why should teenagers take a multivitamin supplement?

Multivitamins dietary supplements may help fill in the nutrient gaps in teenagers' diets and are an easy way to help them add key nutrients they may need. Here are just some of the specific roles a daily multivitamin for teenagers could play for the wellness of teenagers. There are many more.

Daily multivitamin for teenagers liposomal vitamin c

Bones and teeth support*

Teens need calcium for strong bones and teeth and vitamin D to help their bodies absorb calcium. Vitamin D is also essential to supporting maintaining muscle strength.* 

Skin support*

Vitamins C and E are important antioxidants that may help support the skin from damage caused by free radicals.* Free radicals are unstable molecules that can wreak havoc on cells, including those in the skin. Antioxidants may help neutralize some free radicals and their potential damage. So, getting enough vitamins C and E from foods or supplements may help keep skin looking healthy and radiant.*

Supports vision health*

Teenagers need vitamin A for normal vision development— especially night vision - and to maintain healthy eyesight as they age. Vitamin A is also an antioxidant that may also help support the surface of the eye (the cornea) from damage caused by free radicals.* Adding a daily multivitamin to your teen's routine could help provide additional vitamin A for healthy vision support during that period and into adulthood.*

A daily multivitamin might be a convenient way to help teens get additional vitamins C, D and E. The best liquid multivitamin for teens and multivitamin formula and mineral supplement in general might also contain other important nutrients like biotin, zinc, folate, and more with specific ingredients that you might be looking for.

Codeage Teen Daily Formula

A daily multivitamin is a convenient way to help your teenager get more of the nutrients they may need for optimal growth and development if they don't get sufficient nutrients from their regular diet alone.* 

Codeage multivitamin for teen liquid supplement

The new Codeage Daily Teen Formula offers a series of vitamins for teenagers in a very convenient sachet. 

As always, before using a supplement for you or your teenager(s), talk to your teenager's healthcare provider about whether a daily multivitamin is right for them.

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