Immuno Colostrum.


Grass-fed bovine colostrum.

Codeage Immuno Colostrum supplement features grass-fed bovine colostrum. This formula offers colostrum powder in a convenient capsule format.

Colostrum is a type of milk produced by mammals during the initial days after giving birth. It may be a source of unique nutrients, growth factors, and immune-supporting components such as immunoglobulins.*

Grass-fed formula

First prized milk.

Colostrum is often called "first milk" or "immune milk" because it may contain a concentration of immunoglobulins.*

Immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, are a type of protein produced by the immune system in response to foreign substances or antigens.

Components in colostrum have been studied for their potential to support the immune system and gut health.*

Grass-fed formula

First prized milk.

Source of unique nutrients.

Colostrum can also contain a range of other components such as growth factors, cytokines, and enzymes, which may help support overall health and wellness.*

Colostrum has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as a natural remedy. Colostrum many also contain high levels of antioxidants.*

Cow colostrum.


Cow colostrum.

Our colostrum vitamins supplement is manufactured in a cGMP facility in the USA for quality and purity.

This formula is non-GMO, soy, and gluten-free. Each bottle of Codeage colostrum for adults offers 1 month of supply.

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